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Sound Speakers

Movie Theater Sound Speakers

Watching movies with Best Double DIN Head Unit & Stereo in 2020 is one of the most common recreational activities people are being engaged with all over the world—be it on a live play, on a theater, or even at home. The audio system used in playing movies can have a direct effect on the way the movie is being projected.

Given that movies stimulate the viewers’ visual and auditory senses, it is best to use systems that are compatible and able to produce high-quality sounds and projection.

Have you ever wondered about what sound speakers on a movie theater look like? How big can they be—given that they can produce effects that can surround the whole theater?

In this article, we’ll tell you about the sound system being put up on movie theaters.

Sound System

Together with this generation’s technological advancement comes the systems alleviation in the field of arts. The acting, Folley artistry, workshops, and prop-making are now on a whole new level when compared to the early ages of the movie industry. Alongside that, sound systems have also improved. There are different types of sound systems that are fit to use in a different environment. In choosing the right sound system, these are some of the things you need to consider:

  1. Distance – It is important to know the distance of the screen to the audience so you may know how to set-up your speakers and on which areas are best to install them. Viewing distance is an important factor in estimating the quality of sound the viewer can absorb.
  2. Wires – If you’re putting up a system on a theater or on any large public viewing area, you’ll have to consider the wirings for it may cause an unwanted accident. The complexity of wires can make the area look messy and it may cause a distraction to the viewers. You may also opt to use Bluetooth speakers to avoid the hassle of piling up wires.
  3. Front speakers – If you are playing a video file in front of a group (approximately 18-25 viewers), you need to choose a speaker model that has a boom-type front speaker to make sure that the sound is solid and that the quality of the sound produced is enough to be absorbed clearly by the group of people in the venue.
  4. Speaker placement – You’ll need to place the speakers where they can work together to create a solid sound—not too far to produce an unwanted echo, and not too near that they may produce feedbacks. You may use the viewing distance as a guide in installing your speakers.
  5. Side speakers – For small venues, side speakers work as a replacement for subwoofers.
  6. Subwoofer speaker – The subwoofers are the ones that create nominal echoes and are best placed at the back part of the closed venue.
  7. Sound adjustment–The adjusting feature in a sound system allows the movie to be more appealing to the viewers.

8.    Soundbars – This is a part of the sound system that should be exactly compatible with your main home cinema / audio-visual system. It is best to acquire products of the same brand to ensure the compatibility of the bars.

home theater systems

Basics of home theater systems

A home theater system is meant to provide a theater-like experience at home. As mentioned by RedDiamondAudio, A home theater can be a few AV devices or a complex design like Hollywood El Capitan Theater. A home theater should be in a position to offer you quality audio and video experience. This article is meant to provide you with information concerning essential AV equipment and other room elements that can help you design a perfect home theater.

  • Pick the right display for your home theater system

When you want to have a theater-like video experience, you will want to think of a large screen and a projection system.  A projection and an extensive screen theater system are best for dedicated theater rooms where you can control lighting. For a projection screen, you can choose between motorized screens, fixed frame, and pull-up down screens. You would also need to choose the shape of your screen. You are also required to choose a masking system that uses panels or drapes to tailor together with the screen shape to match the source. Moreover, flat TVs can also offer you good entertainment at home. The prices of flat TVs have been falling over the years, and you can watch it with all types of lighting conditions.

  • Home theater speaker systems

A trip to a theatre place can be memorable when sounds are coming from different directions. The most common sound systems are usually made of 5.1 channels. 5stands for the five speakers, which are Infront left, center, left position, rear right, and front right. One stands for the subwoofer. However, home theater installer usually recommends users to use multiple subwoofers for a better outcome.

Moreover, speakers come in different sizes and shapes. They come in the form of thin speakers, bookshelf models to freestanding towers. It has now become come easier to find speakers which have a low profile but are high on performance. The smaller the speakers, the easier it becomes to add a subwoofer to fill in the low end. If you are planning to have a dedicated theater place, you have the authority to pick the speakers you want regardless of the aesthetic and size and position them appropriately to get the best output.

  • Home theater electronics or components

Electronics acts as the brain of a home theater system. They are made to receive the video or audio signals from a device and distributes them to a display device, Audio devices or speakers. Electronics can either be AV separates or receivers.

  • Home theater source components

The source device in a home theater system is mostly a movie player. The Blu-ray player can still be a good choice because it can give you a 1080P image and some sweet sounds. If you have movie collections, you can also choose to store them in digital forms.

  • Home theater rooms acoustics and designs

You must first ensure that the home theater videos and rooms are in place before accessorizing the room. However, if you are adding a home theater system in a room, it may not be flexible for you to add new lighting, HT elements, and a new seating arrangement but ensure that you consider having a TV stand and an equipment rack.

How Do Art and Music Move Us?

Music and the Arts have been one of the primeval movers of our human history. Across generations of human activities, the progress of history, best marine stereo, and the development of culture and traditions over time, the constancy of music and arts, specifically visual and performing arts, has been evident and supportive in shaping the human mind and the society it had formed.

Several studies have been conducted throughout the years about how music and arts have moved the human being to his development, cognition, his vision of himself, the environment, and the condition he has lived in. Most of those who have conducted the study have been convinced about the involvement of the emotion in integrating ideas and the stimulation of the imagination. Our feelings, as they have said, have direct involvement in the movement of the arts and music towards our own perception, especially about ourselves and the world where we lived in.

To understand the effects of music and art in human history, one must look towards culture and tradition to better idealize the concept of them, their importance, and the perception of the human being who is the recipient of music and arts in terms of cognitive and psychological approaches. It has been observed that music has a connection to movements, which has been measured in the symphonies and the rhythms it creates, the dances made through the tempo and tone of every musical piece created by man, and how it moves one to an emotional state due to the theme of the music or the song. Love songs make us feel love, break-up songs make us feel the hurt once more, and many other songs relay our life experiences that can bring us to our memory lane. Alongside the development of better musical instruments, stereos like Marine Stereo, and the progress of producing music, our auditory senses have been responsible for bringing this music to our cognition and generates the mood inside our brain that introduces us to specific ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

Art, on the other hand, is dependent on most of our sense organs. Our eyes let us see the colors, the figures, and the forms that were presented in a painting, drawing, or any other visual art. Our sense of touch makes us appreciate the roughness, the smoothness, the material, and the method used to create a masterpiece, reliving unto us the idea of beauty and aesthetics and reminiscing the beauty of life in its art. Our olfactory and taste senses make us appreciate food, fragrance, and any other object that has a favorable odor, which is still deemed as art. Everything about art draws us to an experience and generates emotions that could move us towards our own experiences, aiding us in making decisions and shaping ourselves and, in turn, the society where we belong.

Music and art lead us back to our personal experiences and appreciating it makes us more positive about life and our devotion to our human strengths and motivations.

Popular Songs from the ‘Romeo + Juliet’ Soundtrack

William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet adaptation by Baz Luhrmann has won the hearts of many during its release in 1996. The movie starred by Leonardo de Caprio and Claire Danes as the young, tragic couple. With a good Surround Sound System, you can reminisce and adore the soundtrack of this 1996 breathtaking movie while wishfully thinking about how Romeo and Juliet’s tale demonstrated true love. If you are looking for one you can find the best wireless surround sound system on AudioReputation. Don’t let it go.

The film not only let the whole generation learn of the romantic capacities of the aquarium but also created one of the best movie soundtracks of all time.

Lurhmann’s realistic, hyper descriptions and the irresistible tandem of Caprio and Danes brought the audience to fascination. Of course, the soundtrack was also to blame for making the movie’s scenes exemplary. Here is a list of the few songs that were included in Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet movie:

“#1 Crush” by Garbage

This song sets a totally upsetting tone. It’s the kind of song that is forceful and vicious in love and desire with lyrics like “I would die for you, I would kill for you”. Indeed, #1 Crush is probably one of the cruelest love songs ever made. It also evokes that perhaps there is danger in the power of love.

“Lovefool” by The Cardigans

This is a sugar overload song that is full of dreams and infatuation of young love. It talks about feeling the butterflies in the stomach at the view of the person you love. This song is just right for the concept of the movie.

“Talk Show Host” by Radiohead

This song provides a depressing musical fantasy. Moreover, it gives a rather slow and throbbing emotion on being alone. It also restates #1 Crush’s message of unreciprocated love and that there are lows of love aside from the highs.

“Kissing You” by Des’ree

One of the few innocent songs on the album of Romeo + Juliet is this one. It sounds like a kiss to end love and not an entry to something intense. The singer Des’ree personally appeared in the movie singing for an audience of partygoers.

“You and Me” by The Wannadies

This song features relaxed, subtle lyrics which go off into an enormous chorus. The song is said to be shouting grand affections. It also brings carefree and vibrant inspirations to young ones.

“Angel” by Gavin Friday

This is a song that will remind you of your days with first crushes and first loves. The lyrics will make you smile as you play the song on repeat while scribbling your crush’s name in your journal.

Inducing the complication of love or even an irresistible admiration, the songs are carefully selected to show dedication, happiness, grief, longing and wistful passion. It has been more than 20 years since the movie was released, but the soundtrack still lives in the hearts of those who have heard it. Listening to Romeo + Juliet’s soundtrack in 2018 will take you back to the time of your fantasy on Leonardo De Caprio’s manly knight’s outfit.