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Youtube Makeup Gurus

Top 5 Youtube Makeup Gurus’ Channels You Should Check Out

If worn appropriately makeup can boost your confidence as well as make you stand out in the crowd. There is a vast number of websites that actually give good description on how to create a certain look. YouTube Tags and Keywords can make your views skyrocket! Learn how to use YouTube keyword generator & make your video go VIRAL. But the problem associated with them is that they are done in writing which can be difficult to follow. The best actually we can learn if we are taught step by step through videos. And no one but makeup specialists at YouTube do it best. So here I have listed my top 5 favorite Youtube makeup tutorial channels for you to explore them.

  1. PANACEA81’s Channel- It is the channel of makeup guru, Lauren. She is best at teaching how to create celebrity looks from all around the world. If you want to have the look of Amy Lee, Christina Aguilera or Miley Cyrus Lauren can be your ultimate mentor. Her tutorials are easy to follow and the makeup tools she uses are available in nearby stores.
  2. Bubzbeauty’s Channel- This channel is run by a very sweet makeup Guru, Bubz. Just like Lauren, Bubz gives out clear instruction on how to do the perfect makeup. Additionally, she can also teach you totally new makeup tricks, how to have different hairstyles and how to cure skin problems.
  3.  XSPARKAGE’s Channel- Check out this channel if you wish to learn only specific makeup tricks for specific parts of your face. The channel has lipstick, eye and cheek makeup tricks which you can incorporate into your basics.
  4. QueenofBlendingMUA’s Channel- This is the channel where you can learn how to play around with various colors to have unique eye makeup and painted nails. The camera is usually very close to eyes and nails. So it is easy to see how the colors are worn. Also before this makeup guru begins her lesson, she shows all the products she would be using in a clearer way.
  5. S2PADAPPLE’s Channel- This channel is for all those who are looking for makeups that can be worn quickly. Also if you are going to college this is your perfect channel because some of the tutorials revolve around easy college looks.
Neopian Paintbrushes

A Newbie’s Guide to Neopian Paintbrushes

Everyone on Neopets eventually wants to paint their pet. But, if you don’t know what you’re shopping for, it can be very costly. Here is a most common question is what’s the best white paint for trim?  The following is a list of usable paintbrushes by painters with their descriptions and estimated prices in neopoints values. However, before you go out and buy a paintbrush, go to the Rainbow Pool and make sure that your pet may be painted with that paintbrush. Happy painting!

Under 100,000 Neopoints

Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue

These are the most basic colors of all the paintbrushes. When you first create a Neopet, these are the four color options you are given. You shouldn’t buy these paintbrushes unless you are truly unhappy with your pet’s current color.

Estimated price: 40,000-50,000

Invisible Paintbrush

This paintbrush turns your pet invisible. You can’t even see your pet, you just get the satisfaction of knowing that you spent several neopoints on a paintbrush and your pet is rarer than the basic-colored Neopets. Estimated price: 90,000

Ghost Paintbrush

If you love Halloween, this would be a great paintbrush for your pet. It turns them into an eerie blue creature with red eyes. They even come with a misty glow. Estimated price: 99,999

Between 100,000-400,000 Neopoints

Glowing Paintbrush

Although it only comes in a glowing green color, this paintbrush would look great on any pet. It’s a casual color, and if you want something more vibrant, consider looking into something else. Estimated price: 145,000

Christmas Paintbrush

A few years ago, several Christmas paintbrushes were given out as Advent Calendar items. Nowadays, you may only get them by random events or buying them. If you wish it were Christmas all year long, this is the paintbrush for you. Estimated price: 145,000

Split Paintbrush

As a dull combination of orange and purple, this paintbrush is unpopular in Neopia. However, it still sells at a high price. Estimated price: 150,000

Silver Paintbrush

Although it’s not as rare as the gold paintbrush, the silver paintbrush is still somewhat popular in Neopia. Estimated price: 150,000

Gold Paintbrush

Who wouldn’t want a golden Neopet? This paintbrush is a very popular choice for several people in Neopia. Estimated price: 165,000

Purple Paintbrush

This paintbrush is not as popular as it is rare. It’s rarity level is what makes the price so high. Estimated price: 170,000

Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush

Artists and doodlers love this paintbrush. It makes your pets look like they had their color erased, and all that’s left of them is the basic sketch. Estimated price: 200,000

Checkered Paintbrush

This classic-colored paintbrush is used frequently, which means they are decreasing in their numbers everyday. They are becoming more and more rare, which increases their price. Estimated price: 220,000

Strawberry Fields Forever Paintbrush

There’s nothing cuter than a strawberry-colored pet. Many Neopians choose this paintbrush for their first painting, since it doesn’t cost too much, but it’s still rare.

Estimated price: 220,000

Speckled Paintbrush

If a green with white spots-colored pet is something you’d like, then consider this paintbrush. Estimated price: 230,000

Skunk Paintbrush

Eww! Who would paint their pet like a skunk? Well, apparently some people would like a skunk-colored Neopet, or they wouldn’t have this paintbrush. Estimated price: 270,000

Brown Paintbrush

Here is another dull, but rare paintbrush. Considering that some pet’s trigger a secret avatar when painted this color, the price is unreasonably high. Estimated price: 295,000

Biscuit Paintbrush

If crusty and crumbly pet sounds great to you, then think about buying this rare paintbrush. There are very few biscuit pets in Neopia, so rarity heightens the cost. Estimated price: 295,000

Electric Blue Paintbrush

This paintbrush will paint your pet a rockstar-blue with lighter-colored lightning streaks. If a plain blue pet isn’t working out, then get this brighter paintbrush.

Estimated price: 300,000

Rainbow Paintbrush

The Neopets Team can barely keep up with the demand for these paintbrushes. They’re highly sought after, and all pets look great in rainbow colors. Estimated price: 320,000

Striped Paintbrush

This paintbrush colors your pet with a soft mixture of blue and pink. You would like this if some of the paintbrushes are too vibrant for you. Estimated price: 320,000

Starry Paintbrush

This will paint your pet blue with yellow stars. Some pets painted this color triggers an avatar, so the cost is unusually high. Estimated price: 345,000

White Paintbrush

You can’t get any plainer than the color white. You get what you pay for.

Estimated price: 350,000

Disco Fever Paintbrush

If you’re looking for a flashback to the fifties and sixties, then this may be the funky paintbrush you’re looking for. However, the mix of neon colors, green, pink and yellow may just make your eyes burn if you prefer darker, duller colors.

Estimated price: 350,000

Shadow Paintbrush

For those who dislike the disco fever paintbrush, this darker paintbrush may be what you’ll want. It’s a mix of dark gray and black. Estimated price: 350,000

Cloud Paintbrush

Most Neopets look great when colored cloud. They’ll become baby blue with several white clouds. If disco fever was too bright and shadow was too dark, then consider cloud.

Estimated price: 360,000

Usuki Paintbrush

Just like the popular toy brand, Usukis, your pet can look just like a toy. Usuki is Neopia’s version of Barbie, so if you want your pet looking perfect and toy-like, then get this paintbrush! Estimated price: 400,000

Spotted Paintbrush

Here’s another dull, but incredibly expensive paintbrush. When painted, your pet will be orange with black spots. Estimated price: 400,000

Snow Paintbrush

Nothing is more fun than a snowy pet. Not only do pets look great as snow, but they don’t melt! This means that they can strut their white stuff all year long!

Estimated price: 400,000

Orange Paintbrush

It’s not red, and it’s not yellow: it’s orange. It’s not even an exciting color, and yet it goes for thousands of neopoints! Estimated price: 400,000

Over 400,000

Tyrannian Paintbrush

If you feel a connection with Tyrannia, then consider making your pet look just like the natives with this paintbrush. Most pets will look like ancient cavemen when painted. Estimated price: 410,000

Halloween Paintbrush

If the ghost look isn’t what you had in mind but you still want a scary pet, then definitely look into getting a Halloween paintbrush. Sure, they cost four times as much, but the added price guarantees a more creative costume for your Neopet.

Estimated price: 450,000

Camouflage Paintbrush

If you want your pet to be hidden but not exactly invisible, this paintbrush is just for you. The color your neopet will be camouflaged in depends on your pet’s specie, but all of the available colors look great. Estimated price: 450,000

Lost Desert Paintbrush

If you love the Lost Desert and wish your pet would look more like the natives, this paintbrush will do just that. Be warned, however, that this paintbrush’s rarity reflects its cost. Estimated price: 460,000

Fire, Fire, Your Pants are on Fire Paintbrush

One of the most popular color choices in Neopia is flames. A fire-colored pet is a sign that someone has a lot of neopoints to spend on their pet, and everyone loves the color. Estimated price: 550,000

Baby Paintbrush

When Neopians begin having the desire to own a painted pet, most of them dream of owning a baby pet. The problem is: once they find out the price of this rare paintbrush, they give up saving and settle for something cheaper. It may only be purchased in the Hidden Tower, and many patient sellers eventually trade or auction off the paintbrush. If you truly want a baby pet, get started on your saving, because it’s very costly.

Estimated price: 590,000

Darigan Paintbrush

For Darigan enthusiasts, this paintbrush is perfect for your pets. However, several secret avatars can be triggered by Darigan pets, so the price is steep. Estimated price: 1,400,000

Pink Paintbrush

You would think that pink is just another dull, unexciting color. How wrong you are! Several avatars are activated by painting your pet pink, so its price is sky-high. If you don’t care about collecting avatars, don’t bother getting this paintbrush.

Estimated price: 1,600,000

Faerieland Paintbrush

This paintbrush is highly sought after, especially since it was retired a couple years ago. It’s still useable, there’s just no more in production; they are extremely rare. Unless you can afford it, you’re better off waiting until the secret lab ray zaps your pet into the faerie color. Estimated price: 1,700,000

Royal Paintbrush

The ultimate paintbrush in Neopia is the royal paintbrush. It may not be the most expensive, but it is certainly one of the rarest. Depending on your pet’s gender, you may paint it into a pretty princess or a charming prince. However, royalty treatment comes with its price. Estimated price: 1,750,000

Grey Paintbrush

Some people prefer to own sad, depressing pets. If that sounds like you, then consider buying this paintbrush. Within seconds of painting, your pet becomes gray and drowsy. Since it also has its own avatars, the cost is unbelievable. Estimated price: 3,000,000

Mystery Island Paintbrush

All Mystery Island fans love this paintbrush. It paints your pets to look just like the locals, who take on a festive island theme. Beware, however: the demand is far higher than the supply. Estimated price: 3,000,000

Pirate Paintbrush

Argh! A pirate pet is always fun to own! Painting with this brush makes your pet look just like the natives on Krawk Island. Estimated price: 3,600,000

Plushie Paintbrush

Owning one or more plushie pets is a sign of great wealth. As one of the rarest paintbrushes in Neopia, the cost is blindingly high. However, painting your pet plushie will make it just like a fuzzy toy. Estimated price: 3,700,000

Maraquan Paintbrush

If you are a huge fan of Maraqua, then you would enjoy owning an exotic Maraquan pet. When painted Maraquan, your pet will be able to live underwater, just like the natives in Maraqua. However, this is the rarest usable paintbrush in Neopia….

Estimated price: 3,800,000

Lutari Island Paintbrush

As of June now, there are no uses for this paintbrush. They are merely a collector’s item. However, someday there may be a new color that this paintbrush may be used for. Until then, you most likely won’t want to buy this paintbrush. Estimated price: 8,000,000

After reading the descriptions of all of the pet paintbrushes, you probably have a better idea about how much you’re going to spend and which paintbrush you’re going to aim for. If you have other goals for Neopets, you will probably opt for the less expensive paintbrushes. However, if you truly want fantastic pets, put in the effort and patience and save for a rare paintbrush. Good luck!

Best Fat Burning Tips for Men Over Fifty

Best Fat Burning Tips for Men Over Fifty

If you are a man over fifty and want to burn fat, it does not have to be an overly complicated
process, such as using phenq weight loss pills supplement. A combination of diet and exercise will get you there if you have the consistency to
commit fully to yourself and your health-related goals. Here are ten tips to help you on your way
to fat loss:

1. Eat Fish

Fish are a quality source of protein and healthy fatty acids. The protein will help you reap the
benefits of any exercises you are doing, especially if you are weight-lifting, and certain fatty
acids have been proven to help reduce body fat. If you don’t feel like baking or grilling fish
tonight, then enjoy a can of tuna in water or herring fillets in a tin.

2. Use Weights

As we age, our bodies begin to lose muscle mass, and it is replaced with fat. The best thing we
can do to counteract this is to continue to challenge our muscles. If you are new to weight-lifting
then start out with light weights and then move your way up. Muscle burns fat, so even a little bit
of weight work can go a long way.

3. Isometrics

If weight-lifting doesn't appeal to you at all, then try out some isometric exercises. Isometrics
help build strength without the use of free weights.

4. Interval Walking or Jogging

In the over fifty set, launching full bore into a running or jogging routine is not a good idea,
despite the fat burning benefits that come with such challenging cardio work. Instead start slow
with interval walks, where you begin at a steady pace, increase your pace for a short burst, and
then repeat. As your strength and cardio capacity build you may find yourself jogging or running
and shedding fat in the process!

5. Circuit Training

While we have already discussed weight lifting, weight lifting as part of a circuit training plan is
a different monster altogether. These type of routines are known for their fat-shredding
capabilities. In circuit training, for the purpose of this article, you can rotate your activities
between cardio and strength. Do a set of bicep curls then a minute on a stair machine or
marching in place and so on.

6. Less Fat

Eating less fat is a great way to burn fat. Most people, and especially men, consume far more fat
in the course of the day than their body needs. Begin to correct this by choosing low or no-fat
dairy products such as milk, cheese, and butter.

7. More Fiber

Chances are if you are fifty, you don't need a lecture on fiber. However, you do need to make
sure you are getting enough of it to shred fat optimally. An adequate amount of fiber in your diet
will help prevent overeating as well as maintain digestive health.

8. Lean Meat or Whey Protein

If you do not have a diet high in lean meat, it is time to switch over to one or to accent your
current diet with a whey protein powder. This is especially important if you begin to add
strength-training to your routine. Your muscles will appreciate the extra boost!

9. Drink Water

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink! Don't less this be the case with you! Drink
plenty of water to keep your system flushing properly, and your energy levels high.

10. Talk to Your Doctor

Since you are over fifty, it is very important to check with your doctor before beginning a
program to lose weight. This will help ensure you remain fit while burning fat and that you don't
complicate any pre-existing health conditions.
A good diet and a variety of exercise can make your fifties the healthiest period in your life, so
get out there and get to work!

Video-Game Movies

The Least Bad To Absolute Worst Video-Game Movies To Date

One of the aspects of video games that excites the fans and casuals is the movie adaptation. As mentioned by, It is such a big deal knowing that not all video games are given the Hollywood treatment’. Some are too recent to be adapted like Genshin Impact or Ghost of Tsushima, and some are limited only to animation.

In the list below, instead of ranking the best video game movies, we will be ranking the bottom 10 video game movies ever made. We will be focusing on how they have crushed our expectations, from the least bad to the absolute worst film.

  • “Least Bad”: Assassin’s Creed (2016)

This is the first live adaptation of one of the most popular video game franchises in history. The 2016’s Assassin’s Creed starred Michael Fassbender, who was in a roll of blockbuster movies. However, his star power was not enough to overshadow the fans’ thirst for the thrill they enjoyed in the games.

  • Warcraft (2016)

The Warcraft games were so iconic since they became the staple for any fantasy-rich, Tolkein-Esque stories turned into role-playing games. But when it comes to Hollywood adaptations, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movies had set the bar so high and having a Warcraft movie was not needed anymore.

Yet in 2016, it was released and turned out as lackluster. What brought it down was the story-telling, wherein it was light years-apart from the worst movie of the ‘LOTR’ franchise.

  • Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)

Kristin Kreuk was so pretty but lacked a lot to be Chun-Li. Fans did expect that actors to resemble their respective characters but in this case, it was nothing like that at all. Compared to the film animation adaptation, the level of interest it invoked was extremely low.

  • Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)

As the sequel to one of the highly regarded video game movies of all time, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation fell flat. Even if the ‘sequel effect’ is real in the movie industry, Annihilation turned out to be far worse. It had too much focus on fight scenes and less on the narrative.

  • Wing Commander (1999)

Although this movie was made in 1999, a movie about a first-person shooting game with the use of spaceships was always very hard to make a narrative. And its failure was not attributed to the 90’s heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr., but on the ‘submoronic’ script the movie had.

  • Bloodrayne (2006)

A director who has a reputation for making bad movies helmed this vampire flick. Bloodrayne not only turned out bad, but it was ludicrous.  No wonder it bombed.

  • House Of The Dead (2003)

There is something about first-person shooting games that are turned into movies. They are almost impossible to be adapted into at least a decent movie. House Of The Dead is so bad that even though it was a horror movie, it was so comical.

  • Need for Speed (2014)

I don’t know if there was a need for more racing movies since the ‘Fast And Furious’ franchise simply blew out all competition, yet in 2014, Need For Speed was adapted to a live-action version. For a concept that emphasizes adrenaline, the movie was just too plain.

  • Alone in the Dark (2005)

Directed by the same director of Bloodrayne and House Of The Dead, do we need to emphasize more why this movie is the 2nd-worst ever? For a horror movie, this was never terrifying.

  • “Absolute Worst”: Postal (2007)

Who would have thought that 4 of the absolute worst video game movies belonged to 1 director only? And he also got the absolute worst? The reason why this movie failed so hard is that in the first place, the game was pointless to be adapted into live-action. And the finished product seemed so amateurish to say the least.


If you haven’t seen these movies, then don’t waste your time anymore. A lesson one might get is that never to expect much from a movie adaptation of a video game but then again, the hype can still get us.

Writing Service in the Film Industry

5 Situations to Use Essay Writing Service in the Film Industry

The coexistence of the film and writing industries and companies like may be one of the reasons why many young adults in this generation take an interest in these forms of art. The strong ties that bind these two industries had long been established ever since the art of filming was founded.

Here we will give you five situations on how writing specifically essay writing service can be used in the film industry.

Essay Film

An essay is known to be a piece of writing that sought out a particular topic or theme. It may be used for an analytical or descriptive function as long as it covers the topic. Essay writers have a goal which is to write a paper that analyzes the subject along with the shared observations and opinions.

Around the 1920s, essay films started to appear within the film theories which are mostly made for non-fictional movies. Not to mix up with documentaries, essay films are known for describing facts without following the chronological order of events. They also contain the analysis along with the subjective opinion of the author.

With the idea of writing an essay film, many professional writing services can be found to date although finding writing services can be tricky. Our advice is to find a writing service that is experienced enough with the topic.

Video Essay

Another situation is what we call nowadays as video essay which is the visual equivalent of an essay. The similarity starts with video essays having an introduction, a body where arguments are stated, and a conclusion.

However, the similarity ends there. After the well-structured script has been written, the video will then be made and produced. Hiring professional scriptwriters is a reasonable solution for content makers that lack experience in writing materials.

Film Studies

Film studies surely had a lot of help from essay writing service, especially in shaping the film industry and movie productions. Professional writing services offer a diverse set of projects from film-related articles to essays for dissertation chapters.

It surely is a big help, plus you can ask for help while you earn that degree. Some writing services also offer help with revisions of dissertations.

Money Review Services

Another key use of essay writing services is the movie review service which is one of the most successful promotions that can be used for films. The film review platforms had already made their mark in movie marketing.

Viewers often rely on movie reviews and ratings before actually watching the movie or film. Writing services often use this chance to help producers and movie makers gain a review that is fitting for the movie.

Film Criticism

A significant part of the film studies is film criticism which aims to criticize the style, genre, and overall film production. This form of academic work is often published in journals where it can be read by countless people. Some writing services offer help concerning creating a film critique essay.

From promotions and video content to dissertations and film studies, essay writing services can be said to be a part of the much larger and growing film industry. If you want to find a writing service, you can just simply search on Google. Finding writing services that are both affordable and offer professional assistance may not be as hard as you think.

Legendary Art Movies

6 Legendary Art Movies You Must Watch At Least Once

Art flicks will always elicit curiosity in us. You want to discover the inspirations behind custom painting kits creativity and enjoy the dramatic, fascinating, and appealing stories.

Some movies have a special connection to our lives and stimulate unique emotions that make us more eager to find out how the story ends.Here are a few legendary art movies that will keep you glued to the screen:

Girl With A Pearl Earring

This movie reflects an oil painting self-portrait done by Johannes Vermeer, which shows a young girl wearing a large pearl earring and an exotic dress. The movie tries to recreate the story of this mysterious girl who is believed to have worked in the painter’s house as a maid.

Mr. Turner

The movie revolves around the last 25 years of the life of Mr. J.M.W. Turner engaged himself in painting self portraits that presented how the world could be turned around through epic paintings. The film also displays how the ideas of paintings were born and actualized. On the other hand, it shows his other side, where he visits a brothel and engages in infidelity.

Walt Before Mickey

Before the first legendary character of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney had to overcome some challenges. This movie shows how his dream and passion for animation were born and his animation industry journey.

It shows the price he had to bear before bringing happiness to people that love the screen. It is a journey of obstacles, but his passion pushed him through to become an iconic figure internationally.

Monalisa Smile

When Leonardo da Vinci embarked on painting self portraits, he did exemplary work on Monalisa, which later became famous. The portrait was later revolutionized through the movie ‘Monalisa Smile’ where Julia Roberts exhibits a process of reforms on her students.

She is a teacher that seeks to enlighten, guide, and inspire the girls from the norm of becoming ordinary housewives. She introduces modern art that helps them make better choices in their lives.

Have You Seen The Listers?

This is a worrying but memorable tale of the rise of Anthony Lister to artistic fame. The movie explores his family, lifestyle, drugs, and separation story that touches on his personal life. The experiences, when brought together, bring out a motivation that other people can reflect on.

Big Eyes

This movie features Margaret Keane, who was passionate about painting self portraits of people with big eyes. Walter, the husband, promises to help her sell her artwork. However, Walter takes the credit for her work and even goes ahead to lie that he is the real artist.

This trick forces Margaret to do paintings with small eyes so she can obtain the credit. After a series of disagreements, she finally decides to seek legal action for her iconic paintings to earn some income to support her daughter.

Final Words

You don’t have to think so much about what to watch. Just take a peek at this list and draw out some inspiring stories that revitalize you.

CBD Improve Movie

Can CBD Improve Movie-Watching Experience

Cannabidiol or CBD is an active ingredient of cannabis (marijuana). It is derived from the hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana plant. A popular source of it is from CBD hemp flower that secrete certain cannabinoids when it is in full bloom.

(CBD) and CBD containing compounds have been known to help alleviate cognitive impairment and psychotic symptoms in patients with different conditions like epilepsy, anxiety, depression, etc.

A lot of scientific journals have cited the medicinal benefit of CBD, but how about its recreational benefits? Does it enhance our movie-watching experience?

To answer the question, we must understand how CBD affects our bodies.

Effect of CBD Intake compared to Marijuana

CBD is non-psychoactive. It does not get you high or stoned. It doesn’t bring the “faded feeling” or psychological haziness that is usually an effect of a cannabis product with high THC content. A report from the World Health Organization states “CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”. The report also says that the use of CBD compromises public health.

Health Benefits

CBD has been recently discovered and has since been popular with a lot of healthy-living enthusiasts. You can see an advertisement promoting it as an add-in booster to your after-work-out smoothie or your favorite coffee or taken through raw CBD hemp flower, oil, gummies. Setting aside the media’s claim of these health benefits, actual scientific evidence shows that it is effective in treating some of the cruelest diseases like epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, sleep difficulties. While there isn’t conclusive research to support CBD or CBD oil as the preferred method of curing the aforementioned diseases, researchers agree that the current data shows that CBD products have a lot of potentials.

Side Effects

Although CBD may have some health benefits, it is important to know the possible side effects. These effects vary, depending on the individual but it was reported to show some of the following side effects

Mood Changes

Appetite Changes




How does it affect our movie-watching experience?

Improves concentration

CBD is known to relieve anxiety and stress symptoms. It relieves anxiety by allowing more serotonin flow in your brain like the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or (SSRI), allowing you to focus and gain more concentration.

This means that one will find it easier to focus and engage while watching a movie. The more attention you have while watching a movie means that you can understand and enjoy it even more.

Relieves Pain

Imagine watching a movie while having to bear the pain of your chronic headache or back pain; not enjoyable.

Based on studies CBD interacts with our cell-signaling system called the endocannabinoid system or ECS. This interaction creates an anti-inflammatory and pain-reliever effect. Pharmacology research assessed that CBD works well to relieve chronic pain.

To conclude, CBD can help those with chronic pain conditions enjoy a simple movie marathon day. It can help those who are anxious and stressed to enjoy a few hours of movie watching. For those who don’t have these conditions, a blissful and relaxed mind can greatly improve the movie experience of course with the help of CBD.

Movie-Watching Experience

Does CBD Enhance the Movie-Watching Experience?

CBD oil has become popular nowadays, especially to the ones who want to buy CBD flower and dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or pain. Many pieces of evidence have proven that CBD oil has been helpful for someone who wants to treat their mental or physical illness. The product can be seen everywhere – in your local supermarket, drug stores, or even online.

However, despite many reported proven benefits, some still question CBD oil’s healing power. Most importantly, people do not seem to understand the good effects it would give on someone’s movie-watching experience. Read further and be amazed at how CBD oil will help you achieve the most worthwhile watching experience.

CBD oil Helps you Concentrate

One of the goals of our body is to attain homeostasis. Usually, when we are going through something that affects our mental focus, the body has its way to fix it and bring your thoughts to normal. However, when your thought patterns still don’t seem to be good, CBD oil would be helpful. It relieves stress and eases anxiety, giving you the concentration you need while watching a movie.

The fact that you can focus, you will understand and enjoy the movie better. Because of the peace of mind and concentration CBD oil gives, it is not only helpful for those who love to watch movies. It is also beneficial to filmmakers to become creative.

CBD Relieves Pain

How can a person analyze the story of the movie if he is suffering from back pain or a headache? Obviously, you won’t get to enjoy watching anything from the TV if you are going through something. Thus, if you are experiencing pain, that seems never to go away, rub the affected area with CBD oil. In this way, your movie experience becomes easier because CBD oil can heal one’s pain.

CBD Eases Anxiety

Anxiety is a condition that affects a person’s mental focus. It’s a feeling of apprehension or fear of something that has not happened yet. There is a lot of medication available in drug stores, but it usually has strong side effects such as insomnia, sexual dysfunction, headache, agitation, and many more. Hence, experiencing these side effects would ruin your mood to watch a movie.

Pharmaceutical drugs can cause addiction, which makes it unhelpful in the long run. However, this is not the case with CBD oil. According to the World Health Organization, CBD oil will not cause intoxication, making it an excellent treatment for anxiety. Therefore, since it can reduce stress, watching a movie would be more fun because your mind is now calm and more relaxed.


Many significant benefits of CBD oil are already proven, and there are a lot more that will be discovered for sure. Though there are many things to be learned on CBD, in general, several studies show its powerful healing effectivity.

Now that CBD oil has been proven to relieve several mental health conditions, a person’s ability to focus and concentrate would undoubtedly improve. This would have a pleasant impact on every person’s movie-watching experience.

Drawing Tools

What the Right Drawing Tools Are for Your Art

Art is something many people appreciate. There are different forms of it, but one of the most popular ones are drawings. So many people in the world like looking at amazing light pad for drawing, but some special people like making it instead; these are the artists. An artist can be anyone. They can be professional, they can also be beginners. No matter who they are, one would have to wonder what kind of magic they use to create such a masterpiece. Well, it’s not magic; they are drawing tools. If you’re one of the aspiring artists still navigating in the world of drawings, here are some tips about the right drawing tools to use for different kinds of artwork to help you kick off your artistic career.

Graphite Pencils

These pencils are perfect for those who are just starting as artists. They are good to use on smooth paper. They are also ideal for small art drawings because they have small marking surface. Because of its characteristics, the artist won’t need to worry about his or her drawing smudging. It’s also perfect for artworks that bank on shadings and light touches.

However, it might not be the best idea if the artwork you’re trying to make is large. Moreover, if what you’re making tends to have darker areas, using graphite pencils might result in unwanted shine on the drawing.


Like graphite pencils, charcoal is also perfect for beginners. With it, an artist can make a big stroke quite easily. This is also the reason why charcoal is the best tool to use among the drawing tools for larger drawings. Aside from large drawings, charcoal is also great if the artwork is supposed to be in dark shades. The drawback, however, is that it smudges more.

Conte Crayons

For drawing materials fitting for details and quick marks, Conte crayons are the tools to use. These are drawing materials made by mixing graphite and clay. Although there are many colors available for it, the most usual ones are black, brown, and red.

Regular Colored Pencils

Oftentimes, when we hear colored pencils, we only think of the coloring materials used in schools during the Art classes. That may be true, but that’s not the only thing colored pencils are good for. They are excellent in blending colors, and they are versatile when it comes to the paper to be used. If you love putting layers to your artwork, opt to use colored pencils. However, do note that the colors are vibrant, which is usually a good thing, but they can be difficult to use for lighter pictures.

Watercolor Paint

If you’re going for that watercolor painting look, watercolor paint is the best choice. This tool is quite versatile itself that it can be mixed with other mediums. It’s also ideal if you want to cover big surface areas. Just be reminded that when they dry out, the intensity of the colors eases up as well.


For a budget drawing tool, do use pen-and-ink. It may not be ideal for those who don’t have extremely steady hands, but for those who do, it’s a perfect fit. It allows different sizes of strokes, as well as precise linework.


Remember that what works for others may not work for you. So consider the type of artwork you’re going for. Then, together with your criteria, decide which one suits you and your talent best.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball through the Last Three Decades

The year 2019 is a milestone for all the persons behind the success and popularity of dbz merchandise for sale for this year marks its 30th anniversary. Dragon Ball is part of the childhood of many. It would indeed be nice to look back at the past episodes and movies of Dragon Ball and watch them again.

Here’s a list of Dragon Ball movies that you can binge-watch.

  • Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies. Released in 1986 as the first movie adaptation of the series. This movie shows Goku’s first meeting with Bulma and Master Roshi. There is a major difference from the original series in terms of the villain.
  • Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle. This movie was released in 1987. It is often referred to as Sleeping Beauty by most of the fans. The story involves Goku as a student of Master Roshi.
  • Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure: The story revolves around the participation of Goku and Krillin to World Martial Arts Tournament and discovering an evil plan against Emperor Chiaotzu and the Dragon Balls.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone. This movie released in 1989 was the first to bear the Dragon Ball Z name as it acts as a prequel.
  • Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest. Goku is known to be the world’s strongest man in this movie. Dr. Urio plans to steal his body.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might. This is the third movie to feature the Turles. They wanted to plant the tree of might on Earth to give them power but this will drain the planet’s life.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Bardock-The Father of Goku. This movie is very interesting since it revealed the start of a rivalry between Frieza and the Saiyans. Watching this movie will probably give answers to hanging questions.
  • Dragon Ball: Fight for Victory, Son Goku! Live-action adaptations are also brought about by Dragon Ball’s popularity. This adaptation is from Korea.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug. Lord Slug, a space pirate wants to wipe all life forms on Earth. Again, Goku fought the villain to save Earth.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge. Cooler is the brother of Frieza and he wants to avenge Frieza’s death.
  • Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins. Taiwan produced this movie as a live-action adaptation.
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler. This is another fight between Goku and Cooler when the latter was resurrected by Big Gete Star.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13. This movie features the teamwork between Vegeta, Future Trunks and Goku as they fought androids 13, 14, and 15.
  • Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks. This movie features the time travel of Future Trunks to warn the presence of Dr. Gero’s androids.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Broly-The Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly is a Saiyan warrior who leads the remaining Saiyans in the New Vegeta.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound. Gohan acts as the protagonist in this movie. They joined a tournament that was interrupted by villains.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Broly-Second Coming. After seven years, Broly returned to defeat Goku but Goku was already dead leaving the battle to the younger ones Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Videl.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Bio Broly. Broly’s DNA was used to create warriors.

These Dragon Ball movies of the 1980’s to 1990s are surely exciting.

About CBD Oil

What You Must Understand About CBD Oil And Why People Love It

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol Oil, or CBD oil, is derived from the cannabis plant. It is one of many chemical compounds found in the plant. It has been discovered to be able to treat many types of medical conditions, without the psychoactive effects of THC.

CBD can be made into different forms, however, the most common form is as Pain relief with CBD. It can be put into drinks and snacks, vaporizers, suppositories, and transdermal patches.

CBD can also be produced synthetically. However, it is a lot easier to harvest it from the cannabis from the plant with carbon dioxide or ethanol extraction.

Despite all the health benefits of CBD oil, it is still classified as Schedule 1, making it difficult for scientific research on its potential benefits.

So far, CBD is believed to be very effective for treating addiction, depression, anxiety and many other conditions.

Marijuana moms, together with the agency involved in world health, came to the conclusion that CBD is non-addictive, non-intoxicating and non-toxic.

The Ban On CBD

CBD has recently been allowed by the agency that regulates worldwide anti-doping. However, smoking pot is still banned.

Although there are public schools that have permitted students to take CBD, others remain steadfast in their prohibition of CBD.

Nearly 40 states have joined programs that encourage the industrial hemp plantation. However, it is still banned by the United States Army, it is seized at the United States customs and completely banned in Kansas and Idaho.

The DEA considers cannabis oil to be classified as a narcotic, Schedule 1. This means there is a high chance that it will be only abused instead of being mainly used for medical benefits.

The general issues surrounding the ban of CBD has not prevented the CBD market from exponential growth. This year, the sales are nearly $600 million. It has multiplied by almost double the sales it was last year. Experts predict by 2022, it will reach a worth of $22 billion.

How Does CBD work?

Understanding how CBD works will shed light on its rapidly growing popularity.

The effect of CBD is related to the body’s endocannabinoid system. It is easier to imagine it as the balancing counterpart of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis.

CBD targets the receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system. These receptors are responsible for the regulation of appetite, sleep, immunity, memory and more.

It has other molecular targets, and one of the main targets is the serotonin receptors. Serotonin is the happy hormone. It is believed that CBD increases its release, which explains the effect of CBD on alleviating anxiety and depression.

The receptors that CBD targets could create new avenues for treating neurological diseases, and conditions like cancers, liver diseases, autism, multiple sclerosis and more.

One of the strongest arguments in favor of CBD is as a treatment option for epilepsy. There is probable evidence, dating back to history, showing early prescriptions of CBD as an anticonvulsant.

Does CBD Have Adverse Effects?

The evidence shown so far leads scientists to believe that CBD is harmless. However, it is medically advised that caution be applied to its use.

Clients that use CBD are advised to be careful because it is not fully known how CBD reacts with other medications,  the allergies it could result in, and the potential reaction with statins.

WebMD warns women who are pregnant not to take CBD.

For children, it is recommended that CBD should never replace their behavioral or anxiety medications.

There have been quality control issues with CBD, especially as a study was done last year revealed that 70% of CBD products are mislabelled and not adequate regulated by FDA.

However, there are many days of research ahead before CBD can be fully trusted, understood and legalized.

Theatrical Photography

Theatrical Photography: Tips from A Professional Photographer

There’s a saying that picture paints a thousand words. One still of a moment can tell one whole story, and that’s why it’s imperative that professional photos which are taken by GameCameraWorld – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide are the best way possible.

There many kinds of photographs in the world. Some are of landscapes and animals taken from game cameras while others are about people taken from high-end portrait lenses. Theatrical photographs are present, too, and if this is what you want to master, here are some tips to help you capture those picture-perfect moments.

Know The Story

Scenes, especially the ones that play a huge part in the whole play, will more likely catch you off guard. This is why it’s important that you know the story of what you’re taking. Being familiar with the scenes puts you to an advantage as you will already know which scenes to anticipate and when to get your equipment ready to shoot.

Get People’s View

The more you know about the story, the better. Don’t be shy to ask around. Interview the staff, crew, and even the actors and actresses playing the characters. They, more than anyone, know what the most important scenes are. Get their perspective to help you catch the most notable moments of the play.

Consider the Lighting

Another department you should talk to is the lighting department. Lighting plays an enormous role in the overall success of the play. Ask the people in that department about what they did in the play to gain the most perspective. Let them explain to you how the lights throughout the show will play out. If possible, ask them to show you. This will give you advance ideas on how your photos will come out and how you want them to come out.

Capture in the Dark

Shots in the dark have their own beauty. They give intensity to certain scenes that a bright background just can’t. You can set your exposure manually, but if the lights are too fast for you to get the image that you want, you can use spot metering to capture bright subjects suitably.

Take from Different Positions

Take photos from different angles and from different spots in the theatre. This will allow you to capture different sides of the characters and the story. Everything is in perspective, so move around to not miss the best scenes.

Take Close-Up Shots

It’s good to take wide shots, especially if the stage has the ensemble of cast. However, people prefer to look at close-up photos as they show more depth to the people. Strive to get close, and take photos of the actors and the characters they’re playing.

Capture Emotions

Make sure that you have photos of the characters’ faces and the emotions they’re showing. Capturing photos that only show figures is not how you want to do it. The actors invest a lot in the emotions that they put in their characters to make the play the best it can be. It would be a waste not to capture those.

Take Note of Your Equipment

With so many different types of cameras to use, DSLR’s, game cameras, and Go Pros only to name a few, you might get overwhelmed as to which one you should use. It really depends on what you’re more accustomed to using, but make sure that your flash is off when you take the photos.


Take as many photos as you can – good, bad, far, near-  and allow yourself to have a wide array of choices. It may be a bit difficult to capture the magic in the theatres, but when you do it right, the results will just be as satisfying as they can.

Movies for Bucket List

5 Movies You Should Include in Your Bucket List

Watching movies is a fun way to relax and unwind. It is a good idea to spend quality time with your family and friends by watching movies or spend some time alone with a cup of coffee or a bowl of popcorn. Many movie streaming services are also available online that gives you access to a lot of movie titles. With so many movie titles to choose from, choosing which movie to watch alone or with everyone can be a bit hard.

To help you with that, here are five movies that you can watch now which you should include in your “must-watch” bucket list.

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Based on the life and journey of the band Queen and their lead, Freddie Mercury, this movie is a glimpse of the life in the 70s and 80s and how the band had gone through a lot of successes and failures, especially with the band’s relationship with one another. A classic musical piece, the well-loved songs from Queen were featured, and the history behind the songs was put to life. Recently, this movie had received the Best Picture at the 91st Academy Awards and the lead actor, Rami Malek, as the Best Actor.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

If you ever wonder how the people back then imagined the third millennium, this movie will surely give you shocks, laughs, and amazed looks. One of the notable sci-fi movies back then, this movie had portrayed how they perceived technology and their foresight of the future. The movie also explored the possibility of extraterrestrial life as well. If you are into sci-fi thrillers, this movie is a sure hit for you.

La La Land (2016)

A movie about despair and hope, two people found each other in the most unexpected circumstances which eventually lead them to their individual dreams. However, an untold love story has sparked between the two of them as they helped each other reach the top.

Although they got their dream life, they have led separate lives until they have stumbled onto each other again, this time witnessing the success they have built for each other back then. If you need a boost of self-esteem and belief in oneself that you can do everything to reach the top, add this movie on your bucket list now.

The Breakfast Club (1985)

This movie from the ’80s isn’t just applicable in their time. The most impressive thing about this movie is that its message transcends through generations. A story of five teenagers in detention discovered their very own potentials for the first time despite the social norms they have held on to. The Saturday detention ended and went on with their lives, but they have learned a lot in the short time they have spent together. This is a really good movie for your friends’ night or when you’re trying to reflect about yourself.

Inside Out (2015)

This movie is all about getting control and directing yourself to better and more positive opportunities simply by being yourself and holding on to the kindness inside yourself. A perfect flick for the whole family, this animated movie will surely bring you tears and laughter on your movie night.

Movies Car Enthusiasts Will Love

Top Movies Car Enthusiasts Will Love

Cars have played an integral part in a lot of movies. In fact, they have shared the limelight with a lot of movie stars. The Fast and Furious franchise has proven this popularity. Because we know that movie buffs who are also car lovers exist, we made a list of Cold Air Intakes and must-see movies that will get their engines accelerating.

Days of Thunder (1990)

Producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson, director Tony Scott and superstars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman teamed up for this stock-car racing. Cole Trickle (Cruise) is a stock-car driver who has a great racing talent but doesn’t know how to channel such potential to success. Under the guidance of a veteran stock-car racer, Harry Hogge (Robert Duval), Cole pursuits his dream of beating Rus Wheeler (Cary Elwes), who want to defeat and disable him permanently.

Le Mans (1971)

This movie features a racecar champion participating in the hoariest endurance race, the Le Mans race. The film used the actual race track in Le Mans, France with the participation of actual race cars and actual racers. Le Mans depicts the superb capabilities of a Ford GT40, a Porsche 917 and a Ferrari 512.

Ronin (1998)

Directed by the legendary John Frankenheimer, this action film is studded with cars and bullets. It features an adventure of friendship, love, and betrayal. Robert DeNiro and Jean Reno embarked on a mission of recovering a briefcase while staying alive. Ronin shows the powerful performances of an Audi S8, a Mercedes Benz 450 SEL, BMW 535i and Peugeot 406.

Death Proof (2007)

With a combination of horror, action, comedy, and revenge, director Quintin Tarantino takes viewers to a pedal-to-metal experience. A car-revving psychopath, played by Kurt Russel, kills young women through car accidents using a partially modified vintage automobile designed to withstand strong collisions. Death Proof gives an overall adrenaline rush to the viewers.

The Transporter Franchise (2002-2008)

This movie is a treat for all German sedans fanatics. The first installment of the movie features a BMW 735iL used by a Frank Martin (Jason Statham) in his transporting duties. The second series and onwards, Marin uses Audi A8 as he delivers the “package” and evades bad guys and police.

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

A remake of the 1974 film of the same title, Gone in 60 Seconds is about a car thief with 50 cars to rob in one night. Randall “Memphis” Raines’ (Nicolas Cage) retirement is interrupted when he has to rescue his brother by stealing luxury cars including 1999 Aston Martin DB7, 2000 Volvo V70R, Lamborghinis and the prized 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)

With Talladega Nights, Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrer) gives us a comedy mixed in a racing movie genre. When French Formula One racer Jean Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen) broke in Bobby’s winning-streaks, it seemed the end for his career. Fortunately, his former-racer father (Gary Cole) helped him get back on his feet. With his father’s guidance, Ricky might be ready to be on track again.

Vanishing Point (1971)

This movie takes its audience to an adrenaline-rush action. Kowalski (Barry Newman) is on a bet-winning race while being chased with a police officer from Denver to San Francisco. With enough engine revving and car crashes, this movie is truly a surreal gem to all car lovers of any age.

Need for Speed (2014)

Featuring a modern Shelby GT500, Need for Speed marks an authenticity in car racing movies as it features real car action sequences and crashes. Refusing to use CGI, the movie delivers a raw and authentic action that will fuel moviegoers with excitement.

Furious 7 (2015)

With the movie’s stunts, real car crashes and driving, any audience, regardless if they are car enthusiasts or not, would truly agree that the Furious 7 has perfected the formula for an ideal car movie. This movie franchise built on speed displays some of the most beautiful cars imaginable including a Lykan HyperSport, a 2014 Maserati Ghibli, a Bugatti Veyron and classic cars such as Chargers, Plymouth, and Aston Martin among others. Watching this will truly give you a rush of blood.

Surely, with this list, car pundits will get excited and might even consider installing cold air intakes for superb car performance. So, which car movie are you dying to watch?

How Do Art and Music Move Us?

Music and the Arts have been one of the primeval movers of our human history. Across generations of human activities, the progress of history, best marine stereo, and the development of culture and traditions over time, the constancy of music and arts, specifically visual and performing arts, has been evident and supportive in shaping the human mind and the society it had formed.

Several studies have been conducted throughout the years about how music and arts have moved the human being to his development, cognition, his vision of himself, the environment, and the condition he has lived in. Most of those who have conducted the study have been convinced about the involvement of the emotion in integrating ideas and the stimulation of the imagination. Our feelings, as they have said, have direct involvement in the movement of the arts and music towards our own perception, especially about ourselves and the world where we lived in.

To understand the effects of music and art in human history, one must look towards culture and tradition to better idealize the concept of them, their importance, and the perception of the human being who is the recipient of music and arts in terms of cognitive and psychological approaches. It has been observed that music has a connection to movements, which has been measured in the symphonies and the rhythms it creates, the dances made through the tempo and tone of every musical piece created by man, and how it moves one to an emotional state due to the theme of the music or the song. Love songs make us feel love, break-up songs make us feel the hurt once more, and many other songs relay our life experiences that can bring us to our memory lane. Alongside the development of better musical instruments, stereos like Marine Stereo, and the progress of producing music, our auditory senses have been responsible for bringing this music to our cognition and generates the mood inside our brain that introduces us to specific ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

Art, on the other hand, is dependent on most of our sense organs. Our eyes let us see the colors, the figures, and the forms that were presented in a painting, drawing, or any other visual art. Our sense of touch makes us appreciate the roughness, the smoothness, the material, and the method used to create a masterpiece, reliving unto us the idea of beauty and aesthetics and reminiscing the beauty of life in its art. Our olfactory and taste senses make us appreciate food, fragrance, and any other object that has a favorable odor, which is still deemed as art. Everything about art draws us to an experience and generates emotions that could move us towards our own experiences, aiding us in making decisions and shaping ourselves and, in turn, the society where we belong.

Music and art lead us back to our personal experiences and appreciating it makes us more positive about life and our devotion to our human strengths and motivations.

Meaningful Anime Shows

Meaningful Anime Shows That Depict Real-life Problems

Contrary to some people’s belief, watching movies & 9 Anime online is not totally a waste of time. Movies and anime can sometimes be related to the harsh reality of life in spite of being an inconsequential form of entertainment. While most people prefer movies, some actually settle more in watching anime. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are boxed in that world of fiction. Listed below are some anime shows that depict real-life problems.

School Live

The program, if only taken by its title, doesn’t give much. Some may think that it’s only about a bunch of high school students and their crushes. That isn’t the case. School Live is actually a horror/psychological series. It illustrates the harsh truth about PTSD, psychosis, and mental illness, and all of which are heavy subjects. In real life, more often than not, people don’t know how to deal with this kind of illness or disorder. What’s worse is that some may not even understand it and the people suffering from it. School Live gives us a glimpse of just how much struggle people are suffering from the said disorder.


This is another anime set in school, which again gives the impression of being shallow. That’s a wrong assumption again as this show focuses on bullying. Bullying is prevalent in the world, and despite being a common problem, no one seems to have been able to put a complete stop to it. Watching Hanagai teaches us what bullying is and its effect on people as well as how we misjudge people just because on how they look.


Depression is the theme of this anime show. It’s one of the most prevalent problems in world that are yet to be given a full attention. The show started off with the death of a boy’s mother, which then leads to depression. Depression is often mistaken for weakness. This is often the result of lack of awareness and understanding of the problem.  Orange helps people learn more about the causes and effects of depression and even help people to deal with it and others to help depressed people handle it.

Elfen Lied

Child abuse is such an egregious crime no matter how you look at it. This is the focus of the anime Elfen Lied. Unfortunately, this still happens more times than we know. This anime might urge others to take a firmer stand against child abuse. It may even urge some people to take some actions to prevent this crime from happening again.


This anime may not be as heavy as the others listed above. However, it still gives us a glimpse of one of the realest challenges in the world – parenting. Most people take their parents for granted. The younger ones don’t really realize the full hardship and sacrifice of parents until they become one.

While these shows are generally deemed for kids, it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek at them to understand more about the serious issues in our society.

Inspiring Movies about Weight Loss

Most Inspiring Movies about Weight Loss

Everybody wants to lose weight and be physically fit. Being physically fit helps with one’s self-esteem and carries a lot of health benefits. If you believe, losing weight isn’t as easy as it may seem. While the actual workout and diet are challenging as well, getting yourself motivated enough to actually want to start losing weight is the real struggle.

Fortunately, there are some ways to get you inspired to start your weight loss journey. Did you know that simply watching a movie can help one be inspired enough to put those workout shoes on? Listed below are some of the most inspiring weigh loss movies that will surely give you that motivation that you need to start your journey.

1. Heavy Weights

Heavy Weights is an American comedy movie that was released in 1995. It’s directed by Steven Brill and stars Tom McGowan, Aaron Schwartz, and Ben Stiller among others. It’s about a boy sent to a fat camp. The camp was originally supposed to be a fun place for the boys until a crazy personal trainer steps in and takes kids’ workout to extreme. This made the kids rebel. They decided to imprison the crazy personal trainer while they run wild, eating every junk food that they want. This went on until they realized the weight of the consequence of their action.

The movie teaches people that anything too much is bad. A good balance in everything, particularly in losing weight in this movie, is always the key.

2. Super Size Me

Super Size Me is a documentary movie directed and starred by Morgan Spurlock. This was released in 2004. The movie is about all the fast food that we all love so much. It gives us a deeper insight into the fast food industry and the effects it has on people. The main character opted to eat only Mcdonald’s for a whole month, which consequently affected his health.

A good burger every now and then isn’t bad. However, moderation is still needed. This film will open people’s eyes to the reality of not having a healthy and balanced diet.

3. To Be Fat Like Me

To Be Fat Like Me is a 2007 movie directed by Douglas Barr. The movie stars Kaley Cuoco and Carolina Rhea. It’s about Aly, a popular teenage girl who decided to make a documentary about how personality can overcome looks. Throughout the movie, she learns all the struggle people with weight problem have to go through along with some important life lessons.

This is a good movie to inspire weight loss and physical fitness. However, aside from those two, this movie also promotes self-acceptance and emotional and moral support, all of which are important in one’s journey to weight loss.

4. Step Up Franchise

These movies are all about dancing and the everyday life dancers from different walks of life have to face. Although the franchise doesn’t really say anything about losing weight, the movies and the moves in it are still enough to help someone be motivated to be physically fit.

Entertainment Industry

How to Make it to the Entertainment Industry

If making it to the entertainment industry were that easy, most of the world would be entertainers instead of watching TV online to check out the stars they adore.

Growing up, most kids – secretly or not – aspire to be either of the three: a rock star, a movie star, or a sports star. A lot of these dreams stem from the influence of entertainment on the television, made easier now by watching TV online.

Many do not end up the star they envision themselves to be but on the opposite end, quite a few do make it as entertainers or sports legends. In the entertainment especially, a lot of people attribute the success of their favorite stars to looks, ability and talents and even luck, but there’s a lot more going on behind all that. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to make it to the entertainment industry, too. If you think you have what it takes to be a star, you can take some of the tips below to heart.

Tips to Getting In, Staying In, and Rising Up.

Plan the Career Curve. There are still people who dismiss being an entertainer as some lucky gig you land, a notion obtained from watching TV online.  Real entertainers know that behind the gliz and glamor, the industry is harsh and unforgiving. Without a plan in hand, your career is bound to fizzle before it can even begin. If you are hell bent on being a star, you need to envision where you want to end up. The plan doesn’t have to be specific just yet; just know that with every victory you reap in the entertainment world, it has been according to plan.

Hone the Talent. There is no working your way up in the ‘biz without the credentials to back it up. Before even thinking of being a professional entertainer, you need to ask yourself if you can even do the job. Even if you can, there’s always room for improvement so it won’t hurt your chances at all to keep improving and adding to your range and depth. Sharpen the saw, so to speak.

Establish Yourself as a Professional. Being an entertainer is a profession very much like others in the world of finance, business, medicine, engineering and the like. Sloppy demeanor, attitude and work ethics will not get you far, nor will get new doors open. Go professional all the way. Have a portfolio, resume and calling cards ready for opportunities. It also helps to have a calendar on hand to properly monitor your schedules and bookings accordingly. Nothing smacks of unprofessional work than overbooking.

Work Local. Where did you first make your name? Most likely, it’s at your local shows and doing gigs in your area. Strive to make a name in the local scene first. It will be easier to widen your reach when the time comes.

Network Like Crazy. Get to know the people in the business, even those behind the scenes. Them knowing you, either as a friend or a talent or referral can help get you a leg up to the bigwigs you aspire to meet someday. As you improve your networking skills, your friendliness, personality, and professionalism will be important. As much as possible, avoid burning bridges and return favors to those who have helped you, too.

Lastly, Keep Dreaming. It’s the dream that propels you to be the entertainer you see yourself as. Even if others don’t see the dream yet, don’t stop jumping on the opportunities to showcase your talent. Make every step you take into the entertainment industry count.

One last thing to remember is that experienced entertainers and the stars you look up to didn’t have it easy. Check on your idols’ stories and biographies by watching TV online or reading and researching and you find out that they struggled to make it to the entertainment industry, too. Be inspired and give it your all.

Best Movies About Drugs

Best Movies About Drugs

We love addiction to the High quality detox pills on the big screen mainly because we love the thrill that an ordinary person would most likely never experience in real life. Hollywood loves the addiction theme because it not only educates people and the youth, but it also teaches us the feeling of sympathy. We reflect on our life choices and see if any of our loved ones are raising red flags and need help. Though some movies end in a darker note, some do end with the characters going through detox programs which signify hope after the darkness brought by drug addiction.

Although several movies produced about addiction seem too ignorant, most are accurate and insightful in showcasing the reality behind addiction. Here are some of the best movies about drugs.

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield are hitmen with a fondness for philosophical discussions. The hitmen’s stories were entwined with gangster Marsellus Wallace, their boss, his wife, Mia who’s an actress, Butch Coolidge, a struggling boxer, Winston Wolfe, a master fixer and “Pumpkin”, and “Honey Bunny”, a nervous pair of armed robbers.

The Basketball Diaries (1995)

Jim Carroll who is consumed by his life as a star basketball player in high school. Pressured by a concerned mother and a wicked coach, Jim develops a hunger for heroin. Soon, he replaces the basketball court with the streets of New York City as his new main destination. Jim and his friends steal, scrounge and even prostitute themselves just to score drugs. Reggie, Jim’s friend and basketball companion, may be his only chance at escaping addiction.

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

A psychological drama film based on the novel of the same name by Hulbert Selby, Jr., the movie tells parallel stories that are linked between the widowed, lonely Sara Goldfarb and her sweet but aimless son, Harry. Sara, excited by the possibility of appearing on a TV game show, began a dangerous diet regimen to make herself beautiful for the national audience.

The Panic in Needle Park (1971)

Bobby, a heroin addict who lives in “Needle Park,” takes the nickname for a junkie filled area on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He meets Helen, a homeless girl, and the two fall in love. However, Bobby introduces Helen to heroin, and in time, she becomes addicted too. As the two become progressively dependent on each other and on heroin, their need for money to feed their growing habit results in desperation, crime and betrayal.

Candy (2006)

A chemistry professor indulges two young lovers in their ever-increasing heroin habits. Soon enough, the pair, an aspiring poet named Dan and an artist named Candy, become caught in a troubling downward spiral of drug dependency and failed efforts to get clean.

Substance abuse is a growing problem all over the world. Because of its rampancy in society, it is not surprising that a lot of movies have been produced about this topic. Some movies do show the characters undergoing detox programs to get better while others don’t.

Inspire Athletes

Best Movies That Will Inspire Athletes

Looking to be the best pickleball athlete? Motivation and inspiration is the key to succeed in anything. As an athlete, what matters is playing your sport with zeal. According to the, going through the recruitment process or any challenge may feel overwhelming. When you feel like your sports-life has hit a rollercoaster, it is time to find inspiration.

Inspiration may come from your coach, close friends, or teammates. We have a better way to motivate you. How about escaping reality, and focusing on the screen for motivation? Watching inspiring motivational movies might do the trick.

Watch how characters relentlessly struggle and put their energy into academics and sports. Even if the storyline fails to capture your actual life, there will always be similarities you can relate to. Watch these movies, and challenge the athlete in you.


The movie focuses on the life of a boy who has a dream to play football. Though, he faces many challenges including academics. Rudy enrolls into junior college where he works to success in his academics so that he gets accepted in the team of his choice- Notre Dame.

He struggles and preservers as he struggles to maintain a great attitude. He never gives up, and the reward for being relentless is finally making it into the football team.

The movie emphasizes the importance of being relentless in pursuing our dreams. It also shows the importance of academics and the need to maintain a positive attitude.

While you might not end up being the best footballer or pickleball athlete, you should always aim to improve things you can use such as hard work, attitude, and drive.


On the first day, some players from a hockey team in the United States are picked. They are to play a match and are more than confident that they will beat the Soviet, though most people think otherwise.

During the game, they are defeated a couple of times. Instead of losing hope, they kept training to make themselves better. In the end, they manage to pick themselves up and end up winning four Olympic tournaments in a row.

The miracle is a movie that emphasizes teamwork. To be a top athlete, it is necessary to be a team player. It also teaches the importance of believing in yourself, even when no one else does.

A League of Their Own

It focuses on a major league baseball which is struggling for funding. In attempts to raise money, they decide to come up with a women`s league. The idea was first treated as a joke. The ladies started playing as a team to showcase their skills, which gradually increased their fan base.

For example, if you are a struggling pickleball athlete and people look down on you because you are a lady, let it not bother you. Finally, the women`s baseball league sold out, and men supported the league.

Even if everyone doubts your skill maybe because of gender, or they only think you aren’t good enough, keep going.

The Rookie

It is a movie that focuses on Jim Morris. He is a skilled pitcher who didn’t have a chance to play baseball while in high school. He gets a shoulder injury.

Jim Morris moves on with his life, without giving up on his baseball dream. He started small and got accepted by a minor league team. At the end of the movie, Jim manages to play for the majors and even strikes.

It is the best movie for anyone who feels like present injuries have shattered their dreams. Injuries result in a break, but that doesn’t mean it is over. While you will have to work harder to get back to your initial position, an injury isn’t the end of the world.