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Movie Blog

Starting A Movie Blog

Nowadays, the term ‘blog’ is not uncommon to someone able to access an interactive device capable of connecting to the internet at least once a day. According to, Most people accessing are just browsing for social media platforms and streaming services. Within those activities, blogs are often encountered but not constantly termed.

As people find more means to get entertained in their busy, stressful lives, blogs offer a different sense of comfort by providing valuable information to the viewers instead of trying themselves and evaluate. One of the people’s concerns is for movie reviews. They tend to rely on that in order to help them decide whether to invest watching or not and thankfully, there are movie blogs that talk about it.


For a movie enthusiast, you can start a movie blog. This can be an alternative source of income or just an outlet of creativity. You can choose either to make your content a literary form like an online article or a dynamic one with ‘vlogs’ or ‘video blogs’ by using platforms like YouTube and the recently blooming Tiktok.

Whatever avenue you choose, make sure the technical knowledge is present. Publishing is as important as the content also. So choose which you want to build exposure and reputation.


Let’s assume you are already well-versed in the technical aspect. Now, you need to do is be careful about your content. Talking about movies is a broad topic and also you have many competing labels already.

Although blogs are required to be factual, if they feature heavily on personal opinion or opinion of a select few, there can be a fine line from fraud. If you’re talking about movies, you can be reporting facts, stating opinions, or be technically descriptive. A top ten list can be opinionated while a movie review may be critically objective, and therefore you need to do some actual research.

Here are some suggested patterns for your movie blog content:

Single movie review

Ranking list

Scene, actor, production breakdown



The success of your movie blogs will depend on the viewers or audience. So you will have to get creative too. It may not be enough that you are really good at making articles or you have a pleasing voice since the majority of the audience is expected to be stimulated visually. Here are some strategies you can adopt in order to make your movie blogs more appealing:

Utilize more images and cut-scenes

Create a persona and attribute it to a specific genre of performing like comedy or geeky

Mixture of news updates and opinion

Explore on decorations and effects


This part must be the most encouraging for any blog. You will have an opportunity to generate income from your work. It depends on the audience impact and the avenue you are using, whether they will monetize your content or not.

The income generated is commonly from the ads being displayed on your content. The more views or visits, the more your platform will provide you with ads. Another source of income is from the outside sponsors in exchange for you, adding a portion of your blog that advertises them.


Movies are so diverse and had many aspects to talk about. If you are up to the task, you will be enjoying in creating content for your blogs. Make sure to balance the content from the gimmicks and aim to be recognized first before being monetized.

Dare Movie

Why Should You Watch the Truth or Dare Movie?

If you are a fanatic of horror movies, then you should consider watching the movie Truth or Dare. According to pluc, unlike most scary movies that aired on TVs and cinemas, this movie is unique not only with its concept but with the events and plot twists that the movie depicts.

For those who have already watched the movie, chances are you haven’t had a good night’s sleep because of nightmares. Truth or Dare is based on a game mostly played with a circle of friends by telling the truth or performing a dare.

In this movie, the protagonist Olivia played by Lucy Hale gets caught up by bad luck when her friends insisted that she come along with them to Rosarito, Mexico to enjoy their spring break. Little did they know that their fates will come to a drastic end.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should watch Truth or Dare:

The movie is incredibly suspenseful

This supernatural horror movie is not just about horror. This movie has high levels of suspenseful scenes that turn viewers’ bowels upside down. This is truly a unique movie in which the players have to play truth or dare if you are caught lying or if you failed to perform the dare consequently you die.

When Olivia and her friends played this dangerous game, they had to keep on playing to stay alive whilst looking for the source and solution to stop all the killings.

The movie fanned the flames within Olivia

The game paved the way to turn the once sweet and gentle Olivia to someone she’s not as soon as the game forced her and her friends to do or say things they don’t want to. This greatly affects the viewers’ perspective as to what to expect from this movie.

Tyler Posey and Lucy Hale have great cinematic chemistry

Both of these artists had the best movie together. Not only do they look great together, but also, their acting in the movie was flawless. This movie shows how great both of these artists are. The pairing of Lucy and Tyler is perfect for this movie.

This movie has superb intense music

Responsible for bringing about the perfect suspense audios at the right time, Matthew Margeson is an expert when it comes to adding more thrill in the movie. The story enhanced with the suspenseful music by Margeson caused the viewers to still be feeling fidgety and petrified even after leaving the cinemas.

 Extreme plot twist

Just when you think that the game has ended, events took a drastic turn for Olivia and her friends. Olivia was so obsessed with staying alive to the point that she risked the lives of her friends.

These are just some of the nuts and bolts from the movie. With an excellent storyline and setting then there is no reason for you to miss this movie. This movie was written by none other than Jessica Cameron and was directed by Jeff Wadlow.

Great Movies to Watch

How to Choose Great Movies to Watch

After a long week at work, many people hit the clubs and local bars to relax with a drink or two while others prefer to read a book or go hunting or fishing. For those who don’t like the club scene or just looking to do something different, looking for the product review sites and movies are the preferred companion to relax and unwind over the weekend.

However, it is very disappointing to have a bowl of popcorn in hand ready to drown yourself in a movie only to find the movie too dull to watch or not of your preferred taste. To save yourself from disappointment, it’s best to find a list of movies you think are great enough for your eyes.

To help you with that, here are some simple tips that can help you choose great movies.

Choose a Genre

You need to know what kind of theme you want to see. It helps you narrow down your list to a few movies that have that particular genre. It could be about love, war, justice, adventure, loyalty, and whichever preference you have in mind.

Select a Genre

After choosing a specific theme, the next step is to select a genre. There are several genres of movies such as action, comedy, adventure, historical, animation, drama, epic, and science fiction, among others. Choose one that has your chosen theme and entertaining enough for you to cancel that party your friends invited you to.

Narrow Down to Your Favorite Actors

A great movie with an amazing plot and storyline can end up being boring if it includes some average actors. In the same way, an average movie can be great to watch if it is acted by some of the best actors in the industry.

Some people watch specific movies only because their favorite actors are starring in them. You can also do the same by choosing movies that star your favorite actors. It can help you narrow down the movies that are making your head itch.

Select by Audience

If you plan to watch a movie with your elders or young ones, it is a good idea to consider the rating. You don’t want any embarrassing scenes that activate awkward glances from your grandma and a sudden need to get a glass of water from the kitchen, do you?

Select a family-rated movie if there are young eyes present, an action rated over 18 for the rowdy co-workers, and explicit-rated love movies for the ladies.


These are just some simple ways that can assist you in avoiding a bad movie and a waste of popcorn. There are other ways that can still narrow down a big list of movies to a small list of great movies.

Finding online product reviews can also help you stumble on a list of great movies. Movies are products for the production companies that produce them after all. Choosing the production company and the producer are also great ways to select a movie that is worth your time.

Riches Movies

Here are the Classic Rags to Riches Movies

Rags to riches stories always serve as some sort of inspiration to most viewers as they give a glimmer of hope to those who are trying to work their way to the top. According to even if they are just movies, they still make a person feel really good. Without further ado, let’s discuss some classic rags to riches movies that you shouldn’t miss if you love this genre.

The Jerk

First on the list is The Jerk. This classic seventies rags to riches movie is about a standup comedian (Steve Martin) who made his way to stardom with the help of a director. As expected, it’s a really light movie with a lot of funny scenes and hard-hitting emotional moments. It’s a great family film to watch.


Scarface is one of those popular shows that you won’t ever seem to forget. It’s a story set in the thirties in Cuba about Italian immigrants. It tells the story of an immigrant who rose to the top of a drug chain in Cuba. The film showcases the dark side of working up and shows a lot of violent scenes. If you like those kinds of action films, this is for you. Plus, it stars Al Pacino, so that’s definitely a bonus.

Maid in Manhattan

Who can ever forget Jennifer Lopez’s 2002 romcom film Maid in Manhattan? The story tells of a house cleaning lady who worked in a hotel who fell in love with a politician as she became a really fashionable lady. The plot is a little cliche and does rip off a bit of the classic Cinderella elements, but it is a great story nevertheless.

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire became a 2009 Oscar winner for a very good reason. It was a show that singlehandedly represented what it’s like to go from rags to riches. It followed the story of a man from the slums who suddenly became a millionaire because he won in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. If you haven’t seen this film, watch it now to find out why it became an overnight hit.

The Social Network

Have you ever wondered how the very famous Mark Zuckerberg went from nobody to one of the richest men in the US? Well, this movie will give you an insight into how that happened. The Social Network depicts the rise of Facebook from the point of view of none other than Mark Zuckerberg. It’s a story of how a young kid went from a simple student to a rich man in a short span of time.


It’s pretty natural for people to always root for the underdog – and that’s what rags to riches movies are all about. They’re about the underdog overcoming the trials that come his or her way and going from the bottom right to the top. These movies definitely represent this principle extremely well. If you haven’t watched any of them yet, then be prepared to binge watch them over the weekend. You definitely won’t regret it.

Movies for Bucket List

5 Movies You Should Include in Your Bucket List

Watching movies is a fun way to relax and unwind. It is a good idea to spend quality time with your family and friends by watching movies or spend some time alone with a cup of coffee or a bowl of popcorn. Many movie streaming services are also available online that gives you access to a lot of movie titles. With so many movie titles to choose from, choosing which movie to watch alone or with everyone can be a bit hard.

To help you with that, here are five movies that you can watch now which you should include in your “must-watch” bucket list.

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Based on the life and journey of the band Queen and their lead, Freddie Mercury, this movie is a glimpse of the life in the 70s and 80s and how the band had gone through a lot of successes and failures, especially with the band’s relationship with one another. A classic musical piece, the well-loved songs from Queen were featured, and the history behind the songs was put to life. Recently, this movie had received the Best Picture at the 91st Academy Awards and the lead actor, Rami Malek, as the Best Actor.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

If you ever wonder how the people back then imagined the third millennium, this movie will surely give you shocks, laughs, and amazed looks. One of the notable sci-fi movies back then, this movie had portrayed how they perceived technology and their foresight of the future. The movie also explored the possibility of extraterrestrial life as well. If you are into sci-fi thrillers, this movie is a sure hit for you.

La La Land (2016)

A movie about despair and hope, two people found each other in the most unexpected circumstances which eventually lead them to their individual dreams. However, an untold love story has sparked between the two of them as they helped each other reach the top.

Although they got their dream life, they have led separate lives until they have stumbled onto each other again, this time witnessing the success they have built for each other back then. If you need a boost of self-esteem and belief in oneself that you can do everything to reach the top, add this movie on your bucket list now.

The Breakfast Club (1985)

This movie from the ’80s isn’t just applicable in their time. The most impressive thing about this movie is that its message transcends through generations. A story of five teenagers in detention discovered their very own potentials for the first time despite the social norms they have held on to. The Saturday detention ended and went on with their lives, but they have learned a lot in the short time they have spent together. This is a really good movie for your friends’ night or when you’re trying to reflect about yourself.

Inside Out (2015)

This movie is all about getting control and directing yourself to better and more positive opportunities simply by being yourself and holding on to the kindness inside yourself. A perfect flick for the whole family, this animated movie will surely bring you tears and laughter on your movie night.

Creative Movies

Most Creative Movies Everyone Should Watch

Do you know that film streaming will bring you into unimaginable places? It is also the best way to escape reality by being in a different setting, different time, and with different people. If you have seen good movies recently by streaming movies online, then good for you because not all movies can you give you such extraordinary feelings.

Movies, like arts, connect our hearts and minds in a great way through the eyes and ears, especially if it has an excellent story and an amazing soundtrack. In addition, they are the best avenue to awaken your imagination. That said, here are a few of the most creative movies you should definitely watch:

Metropolis (1927)

The masterpiece by Austrian director Franz Lang is a melodramatic film set in a dystopian metropolis area. It centers on a fortunate family who belongs to the upper class and their less fortunate workers who serve them.

The movie, Metropolis, is considered as one of the costliest movies made that time due to its German expressionism feature, enormous set, and incredible effects. The movie was made to be a bit lengthy during its debut in 1927.

Amelie (2001)

Art Director Aaron Graff created a virtually striking and creative movie. It is a vivid story of love and life in the beautiful city of Paris. He chose odd movie casts and paired them with a perfect soundtrack. The movie is about the story of Amelie, whose goal is to make others around her happier while also looking for her own personal happiness. In fact, Academy Awards nominated this film for art direction.

Citizen Kane (1941)

A 25-year old Orson Welles shared to the world his work of art which was dubbed as the best movie of all time. This film is about a well-off newspaperman who was searching for love in all the wrong places.

But what exactly makes this movie creative? The answer lies in its modern visual effects, splendid cinematography, unusual storytelling, and a surprising ending. It was said to be based on the real-life story of William Randolph Hearst, who got so furious upon knowing this fact.

Les Miserables (2012)

This movie is based on a novel written by Victor Hugo and was portrayed as a Broadway musical created by Molly Wentworth. The setting was extraordinary because it was filmed in France. Though the film has many adaptations, this particular one was the most creative. Due to its live recorded songs, the emotion of the film was portrayed very well. Actually, Les Miserables has won many awards including the Oscars and Golden Globes.

The Tree of Life (2011)

Written on the book, the story of The Tree of Life is pretty straightforward; however, Director Terrence Malick made sure that he created the most creative film upon its production. He used visual arts and transformed the movie into more of a visual poetry rather than just an easy story. The movie depicts the reality of life which is beautiful and stunning, and it has managed to make us contemplate about the deeper definition of life itself.

These are just some of the creative movies ever created. If you haven’t watched any of them, then you can start now by streaming movies online. Just make sure to grab a popcorn and enjoy them as you go.

Film Website

Making Your Own Film Website To Advertise Your Movies

For filmmakers, there are many platforms that can be used in promoting a movie. One of the simplest ways is to build a website with certahosting that is specifically dedicated to the movie itself. The movie’s website will also serve as a platform in eventually distributing the film and serves as a provider of details and information about the film. It will also serve as a tool in connecting the movie’s fans and interested audience.

Furthermore, it is important to have a website that is professional, well-designed, and responsive to the audience. This will eventually help in promoting the movie, thus contributing to its promotions and commercial success.

Steps In Building Your Film’s Website

There are basically 3 steps in creating the website intended for your film. Here are the steps:

  1. The first step in creating your website is to reserve a web hosting and a domain name. Getting the domain name is crucial, and it must be the movie title that must be used as the domain name will have an impact on the movie as well as on its audience.

When selecting a web hosting company, it is important to choose a company that has a good reputation and is reliable. There are a number of highly recommendable web hosting companies that offer good services depending on your website’s needs.

  1. Installing a CMS or content management system is your next step in building a website for your movie. A highly recommended CMS is WordPress, and it’s widely used by website designers and developers. WordPress is also good for inexperienced newbies who are just starting in the world of website creation and design.
  2. Looking for a theme that is best suited for your website is the next thing to do. The theme will have the biggest impact on what your website will look like. The theme will also have a direct influence on the website’s colors, fonts, styles, and layouts. Among the notable themes that are best suited for movies includes Cinerama, Silverscreen, Filmic, and many others.

Testimonials Are Also Important To Your Website

Dedicating a testimonial section to your movie’s website can be another strategy in promoting your movie. Even if the movie has not been shown to the public yet, any commentary or testimony that will help in making a buzz or excitement to the fans will be a big help in promoting the movie. Even a comment about the movie director’s previous work will certainly help. A testimonial section will be a good way of indirectly promoting the film to its fans.

Keep an Email Mailing List

Another way to advertise your movie is to capture the email of your audience and keep it for promotional purposes. But first, it is important to put an email registration section into your website for a chance to get the emails of your audience. Once you have the list, you need to consistently send them different updated information about the movie such as trailers and recent promotional tours that will keep them updated. There are a lot of email marketing providers that will be helpful in doing the job.

Building a website that is dedicated to your movie need not be difficult at all. Just follow the tips above and you’ll be able to create a website that will effectively promote your movie to your audience.

Movies about Writers that You Should Watch

Do you like watching films about writers? If so, you’re in the right place! Whether you’re an aspiring writer who is working with an essay writing service or just an avid fan of a famous writer that you want to know more about, viewing movies about writers may help you. Below are some of the must-watch movies about writers:


This movie is about a writer named Charlie Kaufman which is also the real name of the screenwriter and director of the film. He is a paranoid sweaty playwright who attempts adapting a book into a film. The story shows the agony of being a depreciated slave in Hollywood and who struggles to uphold a screenwriter’s credibility. It explores within the mind of the main character. Writers may empathize him for all of his crazy tricks and pessimism. This film is an excellent introduction of the work of a sensational screenwriter, Charlie Kaufman.

Ruby Sparks

This movie comes from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine which also has a wonderful script. The story revolves around a writer who makes an imaginary girlfriend for himself because of his loneliness. Its surprising twist is that she changes into an actual person. Enthralled by this, he exploits her reality by writing what he likes her to do and become. It’s every man’s fantasy, right? There are many reasons to watch this, especially with its improbability.


Released in 1997, Wilde is a British biographical movie starred by Stephen Fry in the title role and directed by Brian Gilbert. Julian Mitchell did the screenplay inspired by the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1987 biography of Oscar Wilde written by Richard Ellmann. Wilde is based on the true happenings of Oscar Wilde’s life. If you admire his works, you will relish seeing more about the man behind the great pen.


This movie comes from the Stephen King novel of the same title. It is a story of a well-known writer who was involved in a car accident and then saved by a lady who was actually one of his biggest die-hard fans. She is morbidly obsessed with his book series and because the writer is under her care, she doesn’t want him to get any better. This film shows the psychology of having an extreme devotion to someone. However, it also presents a rational warning to writers about the different kinds of people who follow their works.


Howl is about the young writer’s influential work played by James Franco that disintegrated societal hurdles in the face of a disreputable public trial. Howl interlinks three stories: the revelation of the landmark infamous trial in 1957, a creatively animated outing through the visionary masterwork and a matchless representation of a man who discovered new means to express himself which led developments in his life.

Final Thoughts

These movies about writers will give you an extra lift of motivation and inspiration. Moreover, watching movies can help your essay writing skills or creativity when making novels as you will learn how to build a story arc that is essential to keep the readers hooked on it.

Top Cryptocurrencies Movies You Should Watch

With cryptocurrencies on the rise, it didn’t take very long before the movie scene to take notice and make something out of the phenomenon. Just like Wall Street movies, Bitcoin movies have become pretty popular as well. Although most of these movies are documentaries, a lot is also about movies that feature Bitcoin. Let me warn you, though, that these movies shouldn’t be used as references to buy oldschool runescape gold by investing in Bitcoin. Just treat them as entertainment value. Also, there are some light spoilers ahead. You have been warned!

Deep Web

This is a pretty interesting horror movie that’s done on just computers and video calls. Now, the main plot isn’t about Bitcoin per se, but it does feature Bitcoin and explains what it is. The movie is basically about this guy who takes a laptop that was left behind in a cafe. He eventually found out that the owner is a hacker participating in cruel acts shown in the deep web.

The interesting thing about this movie is that it shows Bitcoin as the currency used by the deep web hackers when they want a job done. The movie explains that because Bitcoin is not regulated and centralized, money transfers can be made without the watch of regulators.


In this movie, Trevor Jackson plays a drug dealer named Youngblood Priest who wants to quit the business but does one last job before doing so. This movie will feature cryptocurrency as the preferred method of payment for illegal business and shows how it’s possible to swap cash for crypto to keep the dirty money safe.

Life on Bitcoin

The story revolves around couple Austin and Becky who have decided to live solely on Bitcoin. They pay all their bills with just Bitcoin – no dollars or other currencies. They did this as a 100-day social experiment to see how feasible it is to do so.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

This is a very interesting 1-hour documentary made by Torsten Hoffmann about Bitcoin. It shows the power of Bitcoin and how the cryptocurrency can literally turn the financial system of the world around. It explains what Bitcoin is, what it currently does, and how it may move in the future.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Another documentary about Bitcoin which this time, explains how Bitcoin rose to its all-time high. It goes through the entire history of Bitcoin starting from its creation in 2009 up to how it reached its highest high and then crashed this 2018. If you’re interested in analyzing Bitcoin, then this documentary is a great place to start.


These are some of the best movies about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to date. As Bitcoin has become a worldwide phenomenon in the past few years, it’s no surprise that everyone has taken a wide interest to it. Watching these movies will not only entertain you but will also give you a small idea about what Bitcoin is all about. Again, though, don’t use these movies as reference points for investing!

7 of the Best Fashion Movies that You Should Watch

If you would wish to feed your imagination with some of the most captivating fashion movies of all time, below is a list of 7 suggested best fashion movies that you should watch. If you are impressed by any one of them, you should check Stitch Fix Review: What’s the cost? Is it worth it? as it is the fashion of today.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

The movie Devil Wears Prada was shown in the year 2006 and starred by Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci, Adrian Grenier, and Simon Baker. The main star, Meryl Streep, who played Miranda Priestly, believed to have been inspired by the U.S. Vogue editor Anna Wintour and earned many award nominations for this film. This movie was set in the lucrative environment of the fashion world and was all about women empowerment.

The First Monday in May (2016)

This movie was shown in April of 2016 and the casts were Andrew Bolton, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Baz Luhrmann, Rihanna, Wong Kar-wai, Lady Gaga, and two fashion legends – Anna Wintour (the editor-in-chief Vogue fashion magazine) and Karl Lagerfeld. This film was all about the behind-the-scenes story of the preparations for the fabulous fashion exhibition in the history of The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. Enjoy the sight of the unprecedented, most unforgettable elegant exhibition as they showcase 150 fabulous dress style from 40 personal stylists and designers in one of the most fabulous evenings.

Funny Face

Funny face is a musical romantic comedy film which was shown in 1957. It was directed by Stanley Donen and written by Leonard Gershe. Sharing the stellar were Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn, and Kay Thompson. The story was all about a bashful but intelligent bookshop clerk who was discovered to become a famous and successful model. Indeed, the main characters in this classic movie were fabulously dressed and would surely captivate your heart for fashion and beauty.

The September Issue

The stars of the movie were Anna Wintour, a fashion magazine editor, and Grace Coddington, a former model turned creative director. This was a documentary film which was released in the year 2009 and showcased the story behind the preparation of the September 2007 issue of the fashion magazine named Vogue. If you happened to want to see an authentic behind the scene glance of the fashion industry, this one is the best one for you.


Zoolander was a comedy film shown in the year 2001, which was directed by Ben Stiller and also starred by himself, along with Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell. The story was all about parody in the fashion world which educated us that being good-looking is not everything that matters.

Dior and I

This one is another must-watch documentary fashion movie that showcased the talents of Raf Simons, Marion Cotillard, Isabelle Huppert, Jennifer Lawrence, and Sharon Stone. The film reflected the life of the famous Belgian designer and creative director of Christian Dior up until 2015 whose name is Raf Simons. It also represents a glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes at fashion shows and stunning couture creations.


Clueless was a film in 1995, released by Paramount Pictures. The casts were Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, Breckin Meyer, Donald Faison, and Dan Hedaya. It was all about the high school students of Beverly Hills, their languages and their sense of fashion. If you are looking for a throwback ‘90s classic film, this is definitely a perfect choice.

These are some of the best fashion movies that will surely bring you to the captivating and elegant world of fashion and beauty.

Popular Songs from the ‘Romeo + Juliet’ Soundtrack

William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet adaptation by Baz Luhrmann has won the hearts of many during its release in 1996. The movie starred by Leonardo de Caprio and Claire Danes as the young, tragic couple. With a good Surround Sound System, you can reminisce and adore the soundtrack of this 1996 breathtaking movie while wishfully thinking about how Romeo and Juliet’s tale demonstrated true love. If you are looking for one you can find the best wireless surround sound system on AudioReputation. Don’t let it go.

The film not only let the whole generation learn of the romantic capacities of the aquarium but also created one of the best movie soundtracks of all time.

Lurhmann’s realistic, hyper descriptions and the irresistible tandem of Caprio and Danes brought the audience to fascination. Of course, the soundtrack was also to blame for making the movie’s scenes exemplary. Here is a list of the few songs that were included in Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet movie:

“#1 Crush” by Garbage

This song sets a totally upsetting tone. It’s the kind of song that is forceful and vicious in love and desire with lyrics like “I would die for you, I would kill for you”. Indeed, #1 Crush is probably one of the cruelest love songs ever made. It also evokes that perhaps there is danger in the power of love.

“Lovefool” by The Cardigans

This is a sugar overload song that is full of dreams and infatuation of young love. It talks about feeling the butterflies in the stomach at the view of the person you love. This song is just right for the concept of the movie.

“Talk Show Host” by Radiohead

This song provides a depressing musical fantasy. Moreover, it gives a rather slow and throbbing emotion on being alone. It also restates #1 Crush’s message of unreciprocated love and that there are lows of love aside from the highs.

“Kissing You” by Des’ree

One of the few innocent songs on the album of Romeo + Juliet is this one. It sounds like a kiss to end love and not an entry to something intense. The singer Des’ree personally appeared in the movie singing for an audience of partygoers.

“You and Me” by The Wannadies

This song features relaxed, subtle lyrics which go off into an enormous chorus. The song is said to be shouting grand affections. It also brings carefree and vibrant inspirations to young ones.

“Angel” by Gavin Friday

This is a song that will remind you of your days with first crushes and first loves. The lyrics will make you smile as you play the song on repeat while scribbling your crush’s name in your journal.

Inducing the complication of love or even an irresistible admiration, the songs are carefully selected to show dedication, happiness, grief, longing and wistful passion. It has been more than 20 years since the movie was released, but the soundtrack still lives in the hearts of those who have heard it. Listening to Romeo + Juliet’s soundtrack in 2018 will take you back to the time of your fantasy on Leonardo De Caprio’s manly knight’s outfit.

Romeo and Juliet (1968)

“Zefirelli’s performers breathe understanding into every ornate phrase, translating the sixteenth-century prose into something fresh and modern.” – Common Sense Media

Argued by many to be one of the best Romeo and Juliet adaptations ever released, the 1968 version of the classic tale of tragedy features Franco Zeffirelli’s incredible eye and direction (if the Academy Awards aren’t proof enough of that) and stars Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey as the infamous, star-crossed lovers. The garden beauty of the sets made it a movie to remember. This Shakespearean adaptation was welcomed warmly by both young audiences and critics; praised for its cast, sets and direction; and for being an overall fantastic and exciting take on an old plot that has been redone a thousand times over.

The film follows a centuries-old story about the feud of the Montagues and the Capulets, and the two young lovers caught in the crossfire of it all. It is a story that has been told and retold over and over and over, but what makes Zefirelli’s interpretation of this tale stand out is his unique eye and impeccable ability to present the old story with a fresh perspective, through a brand new lens. This, as proven by the film’s massive success and multiple awards, was something that both viewers and critics deeply appreciated.

Zefirelli is able to show the romance on screen in a way that makes the young lovers’ innocence shine, which is, all at the same time, reflective, inspirational and relatable – something that helped the film achieve the success that it did. The setting of the story and the way it was told had the uncanny ability to catch young people’s attention ans to reflect both their rebelliousness and the struggles they faced.

There is little to be said of Zefirelli and this film save that it is a well put-together piece of art that reaches out to viewers and touches both their minds and hearts.

The 1968 version of Shakespeare’s classic old tale is my favorite film adaptation so far. It gives off a very historic and simple feeling, which is how, I feel, Shakespeare would have intended any film adaptation of his great play. It does not play around too much with the script, or change the settings and characters all too much. The 1968 Romeo and Juliet adaptation stays largely true to Shakespeare’s original text. In addition, it does a splendid job of presenting the plight of the young lovers, who aspire for love in the face of adversity and their families’ war.

Romeo + Juliet

“Slow moving and staid, this will leave you longing for Luhrman’s energy and Zefferelli’s sense of sweep.” – Empire

“Director Baz Luhrmann’s whirling dervish adaptation of the classic tale of “Romeo + Juliet” is replete with glowing surfaces, quick-cutting action, and a soundtrack that bites.” – Common Sense Media

“Ultimately, no matter how many innovative and unconventional flourishes it applies, the success of any adaptation of a Shakespeare play is determined by two factors: the competence of the director and the ability of the main cast members. Luhrmann, Danes, and DiCaprio place this Romeo and Juliet in capable hands.” – James Berardinelli

The 1996 adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tale about warring families and star-crossed lovers was a commercial success – largely among the youth of the time. Under the direction of Baz Luhrmann, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes as the titular characters Rome and Juliet, respectively, the film made a solid, obvious effort to keep the film up to date and interesting for its target audience.

Set in contemporary Verona Beach, the movie depicts the Montagues and Capulets as warring mafia families, with Romeo and Juliet caught in the crossfire. This fresh remaking of a classic script, with the use of appealing and attractive young actors to set the mood, was definitely considered by many viewers and critics alike to be a solid effort in keeping the classic current. Many considered this a brave move from Luhrmann.

Receiving mostly positive to mixed reviews, the film was undoubtedly a success among its target audience. It received a multitude of well-deserved awards and to this day, it remains as a kind of classic– viewed and enjoyed by viewers of all ages.

The Leo DiCaprio and Clare Danes version of Shakespeare’s old love story is popular for a reason – and that is, because it’s an easy-to-chew, young and incredibly attractive version of the play. It’s set in Verona Beach, California, which is trendy enough, and features an alluring soundtrack and a handful of new twists that were not part of the original version of the story. I am not saying this is a bad thing, absolutely not – in fact, I have heard many accounts from young people saying that they finally understood the story of Romeo and Juliet through this movie.

Romeo and Juliet (1978)

The 1978 adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic play has been said by many to bear the closest resemblance to the setting and script of the original play and dialogue. Set in Italy in the 1500’s as Shakespeare’s own Romeo and Juliet was, the BBC version of the old story about warring families and star-crossed lovers tries to depict the classic tale as closely to how Shakespeare intended it.

Released as a part of the BBC Television Shakespeare, a series of adaptations of William Shakespeare’s plays, this Romeo and Juliet adaptation is well-loved by many viewers despite not being widely advertised or well-known. Under the direction of Alvin Rakoff on a budget incomparable with most other big adaptations of the prized play that have been produced by the big-money Hollywood machine, the film successfully does what it is supposed to do – and that is tell the tale of the young, titular lovers. It manages to do this impressively so, given the resources that were alloted for it.

Patrick Ryecart, who plays Romeo and Rebecca Saire, who plays Juliet (and gained much attention for being only fourteen years old at the time of production) do a well enough job of portraying the two ill-fated lovers as what they are – young victims of the heart and the feud of grown-ups.

The film is quite direct and cut-and-dried in its approach to presenting the play in the media of film. Not to say that it is uncreative and an injustice to the work of Shakespeare, the film does a good job of telling the story and presenting the dialogue in a way that is both alluring and accurate. Preferred by lovers of the original play’s setting, characters, and dialogue, it is definitely a movie worth looking into if what you’re looking for is an adaptation that sticks to the script as much as possible.

If what you are going for is authenticity, then this film version of the play is the one for you. The BBC series that features many of Shakespeare’s works does an excellent job of presenting his plays through film and of course they did not miss out on Romeo and Juliet. As far as I have seen, this film adaptation of the old play comes closest to the original script when compared with other versions. It is set in Italy in the 1500’s, just as Shakespeare intended, and it follows the story of the Capulets and Montagues as close to the T as I’ve seen.