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Legendary Art Movies

6 Legendary Art Movies You Must Watch At Least Once

Art flicks will always elicit curiosity in us. You want to discover the inspirations behind custom painting kits creativity and enjoy the dramatic, fascinating, and appealing stories.

Some movies have a special connection to our lives and stimulate unique emotions that make us more eager to find out how the story ends.Here are a few legendary art movies that will keep you glued to the screen:

Girl With A Pearl Earring

This movie reflects an oil painting self-portrait done by Johannes Vermeer, which shows a young girl wearing a large pearl earring and an exotic dress. The movie tries to recreate the story of this mysterious girl who is believed to have worked in the painter’s house as a maid.

Mr. Turner

The movie revolves around the last 25 years of the life of Mr. J.M.W. Turner engaged himself in painting self portraits that presented how the world could be turned around through epic paintings. The film also displays how the ideas of paintings were born and actualized. On the other hand, it shows his other side, where he visits a brothel and engages in infidelity.

Walt Before Mickey

Before the first legendary character of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney had to overcome some challenges. This movie shows how his dream and passion for animation were born and his animation industry journey.

It shows the price he had to bear before bringing happiness to people that love the screen. It is a journey of obstacles, but his passion pushed him through to become an iconic figure internationally.

Monalisa Smile

When Leonardo da Vinci embarked on painting self portraits, he did exemplary work on Monalisa, which later became famous. The portrait was later revolutionized through the movie ‘Monalisa Smile’ where Julia Roberts exhibits a process of reforms on her students.

She is a teacher that seeks to enlighten, guide, and inspire the girls from the norm of becoming ordinary housewives. She introduces modern art that helps them make better choices in their lives.

Have You Seen The Listers?

This is a worrying but memorable tale of the rise of Anthony Lister to artistic fame. The movie explores his family, lifestyle, drugs, and separation story that touches on his personal life. The experiences, when brought together, bring out a motivation that other people can reflect on.

Big Eyes

This movie features Margaret Keane, who was passionate about painting self portraits of people with big eyes. Walter, the husband, promises to help her sell her artwork. However, Walter takes the credit for her work and even goes ahead to lie that he is the real artist.

This trick forces Margaret to do paintings with small eyes so she can obtain the credit. After a series of disagreements, she finally decides to seek legal action for her iconic paintings to earn some income to support her daughter.

Final Words

You don’t have to think so much about what to watch. Just take a peek at this list and draw out some inspiring stories that revitalize you.