Nowadays, the term ‘blog’ is not uncommon to someone able to access an interactive device capable of connecting to the internet at least once a day. According to, Most people accessing are just browsing for social media platforms and streaming services. Within those activities, blogs are often encountered but not constantly termed.

As people find more means to get entertained in their busy, stressful lives, blogs offer a different sense of comfort by providing valuable information to the viewers instead of trying themselves and evaluate. One of the people’s concerns is for movie reviews. They tend to rely on that in order to help them decide whether to invest watching or not and thankfully, there are movie blogs that talk about it.


For a movie enthusiast, you can start a movie blog. This can be an alternative source of income or just an outlet of creativity. You can choose either to make your content a literary form like an online article or a dynamic one with ‘vlogs’ or ‘video blogs’ by using platforms like YouTube and the recently blooming Tiktok.

Whatever avenue you choose, make sure the technical knowledge is present. Publishing is as important as the content also. So choose which you want to build exposure and reputation.


Let’s assume you are already well-versed in the technical aspect. Now, you need to do is be careful about your content. Talking about movies is a broad topic and also you have many competing labels already.

Although blogs are required to be factual, if they feature heavily on personal opinion or opinion of a select few, there can be a fine line from fraud. If you’re talking about movies, you can be reporting facts, stating opinions, or be technically descriptive. A top ten list can be opinionated while a movie review may be critically objective, and therefore you need to do some actual research.

Here are some suggested patterns for your movie blog content:

Single movie review

Ranking list

Scene, actor, production breakdown



The success of your movie blogs will depend on the viewers or audience. So you will have to get creative too. It may not be enough that you are really good at making articles or you have a pleasing voice since the majority of the audience is expected to be stimulated visually. Here are some strategies you can adopt in order to make your movie blogs more appealing:

Utilize more images and cut-scenes

Create a persona and attribute it to a specific genre of performing like comedy or geeky

Mixture of news updates and opinion

Explore on decorations and effects


This part must be the most encouraging for any blog. You will have an opportunity to generate income from your work. It depends on the audience impact and the avenue you are using, whether they will monetize your content or not.

The income generated is commonly from the ads being displayed on your content. The more views or visits, the more your platform will provide you with ads. Another source of income is from the outside sponsors in exchange for you, adding a portion of your blog that advertises them.


Movies are so diverse and had many aspects to talk about. If you are up to the task, you will be enjoying in creating content for your blogs. Make sure to balance the content from the gimmicks and aim to be recognized first before being monetized.

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