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home theater systems

Basics of home theater systems

A home theater system is meant to provide a theater-like experience at home. As mentioned by RedDiamondAudio, A home theater can be a few AV devices or a complex design like Hollywood El Capitan Theater. A home theater should be in a position to offer you quality audio and video experience. This article is meant to provide you with information concerning essential AV equipment and other room elements that can help you design a perfect home theater.

  • Pick the right display for your home theater system

When you want to have a theater-like video experience, you will want to think of a large screen and a projection system.  A projection and an extensive screen theater system are best for dedicated theater rooms where you can control lighting. For a projection screen, you can choose between motorized screens, fixed frame, and pull-up down screens. You would also need to choose the shape of your screen. You are also required to choose a masking system that uses panels or drapes to tailor together with the screen shape to match the source. Moreover, flat TVs can also offer you good entertainment at home. The prices of flat TVs have been falling over the years, and you can watch it with all types of lighting conditions.

  • Home theater speaker systems

A trip to a theatre place can be memorable when sounds are coming from different directions. The most common sound systems are usually made of 5.1 channels. 5stands for the five speakers, which are Infront left, center, left position, rear right, and front right. One stands for the subwoofer. However, home theater installer usually recommends users to use multiple subwoofers for a better outcome.

Moreover, speakers come in different sizes and shapes. They come in the form of thin speakers, bookshelf models to freestanding towers. It has now become come easier to find speakers which have a low profile but are high on performance. The smaller the speakers, the easier it becomes to add a subwoofer to fill in the low end. If you are planning to have a dedicated theater place, you have the authority to pick the speakers you want regardless of the aesthetic and size and position them appropriately to get the best output.

  • Home theater electronics or components

Electronics acts as the brain of a home theater system. They are made to receive the video or audio signals from a device and distributes them to a display device, Audio devices or speakers. Electronics can either be AV separates or receivers.

  • Home theater source components

The source device in a home theater system is mostly a movie player. The Blu-ray player can still be a good choice because it can give you a 1080P image and some sweet sounds. If you have movie collections, you can also choose to store them in digital forms.

  • Home theater rooms acoustics and designs

You must first ensure that the home theater videos and rooms are in place before accessorizing the room. However, if you are adding a home theater system in a room, it may not be flexible for you to add new lighting, HT elements, and a new seating arrangement but ensure that you consider having a TV stand and an equipment rack.