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Meaningful Anime Shows

Meaningful Anime Shows That Depict Real-life Problems

Contrary to some people’s belief, watching movies & 9 Anime online is not totally a waste of time. Movies and anime can sometimes be related to the harsh reality of life in spite of being an inconsequential form of entertainment. While most people prefer movies, some actually settle more in watching anime. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are boxed in that world of fiction. Listed below are some anime shows that depict real-life problems.

School Live

The program, if only taken by its title, doesn’t give much. Some may think that it’s only about a bunch of high school students and their crushes. That isn’t the case. School Live is actually a horror/psychological series. It illustrates the harsh truth about PTSD, psychosis, and mental illness, and all of which are heavy subjects. In real life, more often than not, people don’t know how to deal with this kind of illness or disorder. What’s worse is that some may not even understand it and the people suffering from it. School Live gives us a glimpse of just how much struggle people are suffering from the said disorder.


This is another anime set in school, which again gives the impression of being shallow. That’s a wrong assumption again as this show focuses on bullying. Bullying is prevalent in the world, and despite being a common problem, no one seems to have been able to put a complete stop to it. Watching Hanagai teaches us what bullying is and its effect on people as well as how we misjudge people just because on how they look.


Depression is the theme of this anime show. It’s one of the most prevalent problems in world that are yet to be given a full attention. The show started off with the death of a boy’s mother, which then leads to depression. Depression is often mistaken for weakness. This is often the result of lack of awareness and understanding of the problem.  Orange helps people learn more about the causes and effects of depression and even help people to deal with it and others to help depressed people handle it.

Elfen Lied

Child abuse is such an egregious crime no matter how you look at it. This is the focus of the anime Elfen Lied. Unfortunately, this still happens more times than we know. This anime might urge others to take a firmer stand against child abuse. It may even urge some people to take some actions to prevent this crime from happening again.


This anime may not be as heavy as the others listed above. However, it still gives us a glimpse of one of the realest challenges in the world – parenting. Most people take their parents for granted. The younger ones don’t really realize the full hardship and sacrifice of parents until they become one.

While these shows are generally deemed for kids, it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek at them to understand more about the serious issues in our society.