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Medical Marijuana Movies You Should Watch

Over time, research has proven that medical marijuana can be used to heal numerous conditions such as anxiety, cancer, epilepsy, and glaucoma. Due to the controversies surrounding this drug, numerous filmmakers have come up with movies to analyze the science behind the healing properties of the plant, myths about its negative effects, and how people can detox from marijuana. Even I used the best detox pills for weed last year.

If you would like to learn more about this drug, here are some medical marijuana movies you should watch.

Medical Cannabis

This documentary analyzes the myth and the science surrounding what is known as the world’s most controversial plant. The movie includes leading researches and doctors who open up about medical cannabis and its effects on human health. It also includes topics on the common myths about marijuana having negative effects and the studies sponsored by the government to show the negative effects of marijuana but ended up yielding the opposite result.

Medical cannabis also takes an informative look at the different methods of delivery and their advantages.

American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny (2013)

A game-changing movie that presents information on marijuana and the government’s take on this illicit drug. This information-packed movie presents research, politics, and patient testimonials of cannabis and its use as a medicine.

A Life of Its Own: The Truth About Medical Marijuana (2017)

A Life of Its Own is a documentary directed by award-winning Helen Kapalos. This documentary explores the subject on the truth about medical marijuana, the cutting edge research, and life-changing treatments.

Weed the People

Weed the People is a film by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein that explores the benefits of medical cannabis in the treatment of children with cancer. The film looks beyond the politics and propaganda surrounding cannabis and tries to explore the underground world and science of herbal medicine.

The movie includes stories of ordinary parents who stop at nothing to ensure the treatment of their children with cancer.

The Culture High (2014)

This myth-shattering movie is packed with a cast of celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Joe Rogan, and Wiz Khalifa. It explores the subject on the war against marijuana by the government on claims that it does not have any medical usefulness. It also includes investigation of the people who profit from the prohibition of this illegal plant.

Lynching Charlie Lynch (2011)

This movie explores the conflict between the federal law and the medical marijuana that is permitted by the state. Lynching Lynch uses the movie to tell a true story about a California dispensary owner whom the U.S Drug Enforcement Agency was targeting.

Weed (2013-2018)

Weed is a multi-part series by filmmaker Dr. Sanjay Gupta who is also CNN’s chief medical correspondent. The first part of Weed which was released in 2013 triggered discussions nationwide on the topic of medical marijuana. This saw the release of Weed 2, 3, and 4 which tackled the hard topics of how politics contributed to the exclusion of marijuana from patients who need it.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007)

This information-packed documentary is from the filmmakers of The Culture High. From this movie, you will learn about the legal status of medical marijuana.


These are just some of the best medical marijuana movies that you may enjoy watching. This way, you can add to your knowledge the healing power of this plant and the controversies that surround it.

Background Checking Shakespeare'

Background Checking Shakespeare’s Life And Work

The world’s mightiest person doesn’t hold a sword or ride a horse. Sometimes, when a pen is used to spread the word, the effect can be lethal.

William Shakespeare is the most globally known writer and playwright-actor up until now. His works have been shared throughout the world. He was known as the “Bard of Avon” and his literary works revolved on the conflict of the human emotion. Although his famous pieces of novels are known around the world, his personal life seems to be mysterious. There are only a few records that can narrate his personal life, and they are only tidbits of information. Background checks with best background check company with accurate results have been done, but only sketches of his life have been recorded and most of the information are about his literary works.

Who Is William Shakespeare?

As much as some historians love to know when he was born, there were no exact records about it. The only record the church has is his baptism on April 26, 1564. It is then believed that his date of birth falls on April 23, 1564, which is currently acknowledged. Records also show that his address was a market town in Stratford-upon-Avon.

William was the son of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. His father worked as a leather merchant while his mother worked as a landed heiress. He was the third child with his older sisters Joan and Judith. He also had younger siblings named Richard, Gilbert, and Edmund.

Literally Works Of Shakespeare

The often called ‘National Poet of England’ focuses his literary pieces on history, comedy, tragicomedy, and tragedy. His historical novels, with the exception of the famous Romeo and Juliet, fall on the conflict of power between rulers and the effect of corruption. He made a total of 37 plays from 1590 to 1613, although his works are not in chronological order. Before 1600, his other plays, aside from Henry VI, Henry V, and Richard II, include The Comedy of Errors, The Taming of the Shrew, King John and Titus Andronicus. He also wrote comedies like the charming Midsummer Night’s Dream, the ever-romantic Twelfth Night and Merchant of Venice and the witty Much Ado About Nothing romance.

Based on the records, it was about 1600 when he wrote the novel Hamlet, a story of incest, betrayal, moral failure and retribution. He also wrote the story of Othello which portrays about Un Capitano Moro, Othello, and Iago. King Lear and Macbeth are also believed to be written by Shakespeare in the late 1600s.

William’s Life And Work As A Whole

A piece of evidence suggests that William has been living his life working as a playwright and actor in London in late 1592. Also, his writing styles elaborate rhetoric and metaphoric phrases that don’t stick with the plot. Nevertheless, his innovative and conventional style of writing allows him to create words freely. His death was on April 16, 1616, but based on his church records, his birth appears to be on April 25, 1616. Shakespeare left most of his possessions to Susanna, his eldest daughter.