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Best Fat Burning Tips for Men Over Fifty

Best Fat Burning Tips for Men Over Fifty

If you are a man over fifty and want to burn fat, it does not have to be an overly complicated
process, such as using phenq weight loss pills supplement. A combination of diet and exercise will get you there if you have the consistency to
commit fully to yourself and your health-related goals. Here are ten tips to help you on your way
to fat loss:

1. Eat Fish

Fish are a quality source of protein and healthy fatty acids. The protein will help you reap the
benefits of any exercises you are doing, especially if you are weight-lifting, and certain fatty
acids have been proven to help reduce body fat. If you don’t feel like baking or grilling fish
tonight, then enjoy a can of tuna in water or herring fillets in a tin.

2. Use Weights

As we age, our bodies begin to lose muscle mass, and it is replaced with fat. The best thing we
can do to counteract this is to continue to challenge our muscles. If you are new to weight-lifting
then start out with light weights and then move your way up. Muscle burns fat, so even a little bit
of weight work can go a long way.

3. Isometrics

If weight-lifting doesn't appeal to you at all, then try out some isometric exercises. Isometrics
help build strength without the use of free weights.

4. Interval Walking or Jogging

In the over fifty set, launching full bore into a running or jogging routine is not a good idea,
despite the fat burning benefits that come with such challenging cardio work. Instead start slow
with interval walks, where you begin at a steady pace, increase your pace for a short burst, and
then repeat. As your strength and cardio capacity build you may find yourself jogging or running
and shedding fat in the process!

5. Circuit Training

While we have already discussed weight lifting, weight lifting as part of a circuit training plan is
a different monster altogether. These type of routines are known for their fat-shredding
capabilities. In circuit training, for the purpose of this article, you can rotate your activities
between cardio and strength. Do a set of bicep curls then a minute on a stair machine or
marching in place and so on.

6. Less Fat

Eating less fat is a great way to burn fat. Most people, and especially men, consume far more fat
in the course of the day than their body needs. Begin to correct this by choosing low or no-fat
dairy products such as milk, cheese, and butter.

7. More Fiber

Chances are if you are fifty, you don't need a lecture on fiber. However, you do need to make
sure you are getting enough of it to shred fat optimally. An adequate amount of fiber in your diet
will help prevent overeating as well as maintain digestive health.

8. Lean Meat or Whey Protein

If you do not have a diet high in lean meat, it is time to switch over to one or to accent your
current diet with a whey protein powder. This is especially important if you begin to add
strength-training to your routine. Your muscles will appreciate the extra boost!

9. Drink Water

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink! Don't less this be the case with you! Drink
plenty of water to keep your system flushing properly, and your energy levels high.

10. Talk to Your Doctor

Since you are over fifty, it is very important to check with your doctor before beginning a
program to lose weight. This will help ensure you remain fit while burning fat and that you don't
complicate any pre-existing health conditions.
A good diet and a variety of exercise can make your fifties the healthiest period in your life, so
get out there and get to work!