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Neopian Paintbrushes

A Newbie’s Guide to Neopian Paintbrushes

Everyone on Neopets eventually wants to paint their pet. But, if you don’t know what you’re shopping for, it can be very costly. Here is a most common question is what’s the best white paint for trim?  The following is a list of usable paintbrushes by painters with their descriptions and estimated prices in neopoints values. However, before you go out and buy a paintbrush, go to the Rainbow Pool and make sure that your pet may be painted with that paintbrush. Happy painting!

Under 100,000 Neopoints

Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue

These are the most basic colors of all the paintbrushes. When you first create a Neopet, these are the four color options you are given. You shouldn’t buy these paintbrushes unless you are truly unhappy with your pet’s current color.

Estimated price: 40,000-50,000

Invisible Paintbrush

This paintbrush turns your pet invisible. You can’t even see your pet, you just get the satisfaction of knowing that you spent several neopoints on a paintbrush and your pet is rarer than the basic-colored Neopets. Estimated price: 90,000

Ghost Paintbrush

If you love Halloween, this would be a great paintbrush for your pet. It turns them into an eerie blue creature with red eyes. They even come with a misty glow. Estimated price: 99,999

Between 100,000-400,000 Neopoints

Glowing Paintbrush

Although it only comes in a glowing green color, this paintbrush would look great on any pet. It’s a casual color, and if you want something more vibrant, consider looking into something else. Estimated price: 145,000

Christmas Paintbrush

A few years ago, several Christmas paintbrushes were given out as Advent Calendar items. Nowadays, you may only get them by random events or buying them. If you wish it were Christmas all year long, this is the paintbrush for you. Estimated price: 145,000

Split Paintbrush

As a dull combination of orange and purple, this paintbrush is unpopular in Neopia. However, it still sells at a high price. Estimated price: 150,000

Silver Paintbrush

Although it’s not as rare as the gold paintbrush, the silver paintbrush is still somewhat popular in Neopia. Estimated price: 150,000

Gold Paintbrush

Who wouldn’t want a golden Neopet? This paintbrush is a very popular choice for several people in Neopia. Estimated price: 165,000

Purple Paintbrush

This paintbrush is not as popular as it is rare. It’s rarity level is what makes the price so high. Estimated price: 170,000

Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush

Artists and doodlers love this paintbrush. It makes your pets look like they had their color erased, and all that’s left of them is the basic sketch. Estimated price: 200,000

Checkered Paintbrush

This classic-colored paintbrush is used frequently, which means they are decreasing in their numbers everyday. They are becoming more and more rare, which increases their price. Estimated price: 220,000

Strawberry Fields Forever Paintbrush

There’s nothing cuter than a strawberry-colored pet. Many Neopians choose this paintbrush for their first painting, since it doesn’t cost too much, but it’s still rare.

Estimated price: 220,000

Speckled Paintbrush

If a green with white spots-colored pet is something you’d like, then consider this paintbrush. Estimated price: 230,000

Skunk Paintbrush

Eww! Who would paint their pet like a skunk? Well, apparently some people would like a skunk-colored Neopet, or they wouldn’t have this paintbrush. Estimated price: 270,000

Brown Paintbrush

Here is another dull, but rare paintbrush. Considering that some pet’s trigger a secret avatar when painted this color, the price is unreasonably high. Estimated price: 295,000

Biscuit Paintbrush

If crusty and crumbly pet sounds great to you, then think about buying this rare paintbrush. There are very few biscuit pets in Neopia, so rarity heightens the cost. Estimated price: 295,000

Electric Blue Paintbrush

This paintbrush will paint your pet a rockstar-blue with lighter-colored lightning streaks. If a plain blue pet isn’t working out, then get this brighter paintbrush.

Estimated price: 300,000

Rainbow Paintbrush

The Neopets Team can barely keep up with the demand for these paintbrushes. They’re highly sought after, and all pets look great in rainbow colors. Estimated price: 320,000

Striped Paintbrush

This paintbrush colors your pet with a soft mixture of blue and pink. You would like this if some of the paintbrushes are too vibrant for you. Estimated price: 320,000

Starry Paintbrush

This will paint your pet blue with yellow stars. Some pets painted this color triggers an avatar, so the cost is unusually high. Estimated price: 345,000

White Paintbrush

You can’t get any plainer than the color white. You get what you pay for.

Estimated price: 350,000

Disco Fever Paintbrush

If you’re looking for a flashback to the fifties and sixties, then this may be the funky paintbrush you’re looking for. However, the mix of neon colors, green, pink and yellow may just make your eyes burn if you prefer darker, duller colors.

Estimated price: 350,000

Shadow Paintbrush

For those who dislike the disco fever paintbrush, this darker paintbrush may be what you’ll want. It’s a mix of dark gray and black. Estimated price: 350,000

Cloud Paintbrush

Most Neopets look great when colored cloud. They’ll become baby blue with several white clouds. If disco fever was too bright and shadow was too dark, then consider cloud.

Estimated price: 360,000

Usuki Paintbrush

Just like the popular toy brand, Usukis, your pet can look just like a toy. Usuki is Neopia’s version of Barbie, so if you want your pet looking perfect and toy-like, then get this paintbrush! Estimated price: 400,000

Spotted Paintbrush

Here’s another dull, but incredibly expensive paintbrush. When painted, your pet will be orange with black spots. Estimated price: 400,000

Snow Paintbrush

Nothing is more fun than a snowy pet. Not only do pets look great as snow, but they don’t melt! This means that they can strut their white stuff all year long!

Estimated price: 400,000

Orange Paintbrush

It’s not red, and it’s not yellow: it’s orange. It’s not even an exciting color, and yet it goes for thousands of neopoints! Estimated price: 400,000

Over 400,000

Tyrannian Paintbrush

If you feel a connection with Tyrannia, then consider making your pet look just like the natives with this paintbrush. Most pets will look like ancient cavemen when painted. Estimated price: 410,000

Halloween Paintbrush

If the ghost look isn’t what you had in mind but you still want a scary pet, then definitely look into getting a Halloween paintbrush. Sure, they cost four times as much, but the added price guarantees a more creative costume for your Neopet.

Estimated price: 450,000

Camouflage Paintbrush

If you want your pet to be hidden but not exactly invisible, this paintbrush is just for you. The color your neopet will be camouflaged in depends on your pet’s specie, but all of the available colors look great. Estimated price: 450,000

Lost Desert Paintbrush

If you love the Lost Desert and wish your pet would look more like the natives, this paintbrush will do just that. Be warned, however, that this paintbrush’s rarity reflects its cost. Estimated price: 460,000

Fire, Fire, Your Pants are on Fire Paintbrush

One of the most popular color choices in Neopia is flames. A fire-colored pet is a sign that someone has a lot of neopoints to spend on their pet, and everyone loves the color. Estimated price: 550,000

Baby Paintbrush

When Neopians begin having the desire to own a painted pet, most of them dream of owning a baby pet. The problem is: once they find out the price of this rare paintbrush, they give up saving and settle for something cheaper. It may only be purchased in the Hidden Tower, and many patient sellers eventually trade or auction off the paintbrush. If you truly want a baby pet, get started on your saving, because it’s very costly.

Estimated price: 590,000

Darigan Paintbrush

For Darigan enthusiasts, this paintbrush is perfect for your pets. However, several secret avatars can be triggered by Darigan pets, so the price is steep. Estimated price: 1,400,000

Pink Paintbrush

You would think that pink is just another dull, unexciting color. How wrong you are! Several avatars are activated by painting your pet pink, so its price is sky-high. If you don’t care about collecting avatars, don’t bother getting this paintbrush.

Estimated price: 1,600,000

Faerieland Paintbrush

This paintbrush is highly sought after, especially since it was retired a couple years ago. It’s still useable, there’s just no more in production; they are extremely rare. Unless you can afford it, you’re better off waiting until the secret lab ray zaps your pet into the faerie color. Estimated price: 1,700,000

Royal Paintbrush

The ultimate paintbrush in Neopia is the royal paintbrush. It may not be the most expensive, but it is certainly one of the rarest. Depending on your pet’s gender, you may paint it into a pretty princess or a charming prince. However, royalty treatment comes with its price. Estimated price: 1,750,000

Grey Paintbrush

Some people prefer to own sad, depressing pets. If that sounds like you, then consider buying this paintbrush. Within seconds of painting, your pet becomes gray and drowsy. Since it also has its own avatars, the cost is unbelievable. Estimated price: 3,000,000

Mystery Island Paintbrush

All Mystery Island fans love this paintbrush. It paints your pets to look just like the locals, who take on a festive island theme. Beware, however: the demand is far higher than the supply. Estimated price: 3,000,000

Pirate Paintbrush

Argh! A pirate pet is always fun to own! Painting with this brush makes your pet look just like the natives on Krawk Island. Estimated price: 3,600,000

Plushie Paintbrush

Owning one or more plushie pets is a sign of great wealth. As one of the rarest paintbrushes in Neopia, the cost is blindingly high. However, painting your pet plushie will make it just like a fuzzy toy. Estimated price: 3,700,000

Maraquan Paintbrush

If you are a huge fan of Maraqua, then you would enjoy owning an exotic Maraquan pet. When painted Maraquan, your pet will be able to live underwater, just like the natives in Maraqua. However, this is the rarest usable paintbrush in Neopia….

Estimated price: 3,800,000

Lutari Island Paintbrush

As of June now, there are no uses for this paintbrush. They are merely a collector’s item. However, someday there may be a new color that this paintbrush may be used for. Until then, you most likely won’t want to buy this paintbrush. Estimated price: 8,000,000

After reading the descriptions of all of the pet paintbrushes, you probably have a better idea about how much you’re going to spend and which paintbrush you’re going to aim for. If you have other goals for Neopets, you will probably opt for the less expensive paintbrushes. However, if you truly want fantastic pets, put in the effort and patience and save for a rare paintbrush. Good luck!