Art is something many people appreciate. There are different forms of it, but one of the most popular ones are drawings. So many people in the world like looking at amazing light pad for drawing, but some special people like making it instead; these are the artists. An artist can be anyone. They can be professional, they can also be beginners. No matter who they are, one would have to wonder what kind of magic they use to create such a masterpiece. Well, it’s not magic; they are drawing tools. If you’re one of the aspiring artists still navigating in the world of drawings, here are some tips about the right drawing tools to use for different kinds of artwork to help you kick off your artistic career.

Graphite Pencils

These pencils are perfect for those who are just starting as artists. They are good to use on smooth paper. They are also ideal for small art drawings because they have small marking surface. Because of its characteristics, the artist won’t need to worry about his or her drawing smudging. It’s also perfect for artworks that bank on shadings and light touches.

However, it might not be the best idea if the artwork you’re trying to make is large. Moreover, if what you’re making tends to have darker areas, using graphite pencils might result in unwanted shine on the drawing.


Like graphite pencils, charcoal is also perfect for beginners. With it, an artist can make a big stroke quite easily. This is also the reason why charcoal is the best tool to use among the drawing tools for larger drawings. Aside from large drawings, charcoal is also great if the artwork is supposed to be in dark shades. The drawback, however, is that it smudges more.

Conte Crayons

For drawing materials fitting for details and quick marks, Conte crayons are the tools to use. These are drawing materials made by mixing graphite and clay. Although there are many colors available for it, the most usual ones are black, brown, and red.

Regular Colored Pencils

Oftentimes, when we hear colored pencils, we only think of the coloring materials used in schools during the Art classes. That may be true, but that’s not the only thing colored pencils are good for. They are excellent in blending colors, and they are versatile when it comes to the paper to be used. If you love putting layers to your artwork, opt to use colored pencils. However, do note that the colors are vibrant, which is usually a good thing, but they can be difficult to use for lighter pictures.

Watercolor Paint

If you’re going for that watercolor painting look, watercolor paint is the best choice. This tool is quite versatile itself that it can be mixed with other mediums. It’s also ideal if you want to cover big surface areas. Just be reminded that when they dry out, the intensity of the colors eases up as well.


For a budget drawing tool, do use pen-and-ink. It may not be ideal for those who don’t have extremely steady hands, but for those who do, it’s a perfect fit. It allows different sizes of strokes, as well as precise linework.


Remember that what works for others may not work for you. So consider the type of artwork you’re going for. Then, together with your criteria, decide which one suits you and your talent best.

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