Watching movies with Best Double DIN Head Unit & Stereo in 2020 is one of the most common recreational activities people are being engaged with all over the world—be it on a live play, on a theater, or even at home. The audio system used in playing movies can have a direct effect on the way the movie is being projected.

Given that movies stimulate the viewers’ visual and auditory senses, it is best to use systems that are compatible and able to produce high-quality sounds and projection.

Have you ever wondered about what sound speakers on a movie theater look like? How big can they be—given that they can produce effects that can surround the whole theater?

In this article, we’ll tell you about the sound system being put up on movie theaters.

Sound System

Together with this generation’s technological advancement comes the systems alleviation in the field of arts. The acting, Folley artistry, workshops, and prop-making are now on a whole new level when compared to the early ages of the movie industry. Alongside that, sound systems have also improved. There are different types of sound systems that are fit to use in a different environment. In choosing the right sound system, these are some of the things you need to consider:

  1. Distance – It is important to know the distance of the screen to the audience so you may know how to set-up your speakers and on which areas are best to install them. Viewing distance is an important factor in estimating the quality of sound the viewer can absorb.
  2. Wires – If you’re putting up a system on a theater or on any large public viewing area, you’ll have to consider the wirings for it may cause an unwanted accident. The complexity of wires can make the area look messy and it may cause a distraction to the viewers. You may also opt to use Bluetooth speakers to avoid the hassle of piling up wires.
  3. Front speakers – If you are playing a video file in front of a group (approximately 18-25 viewers), you need to choose a speaker model that has a boom-type front speaker to make sure that the sound is solid and that the quality of the sound produced is enough to be absorbed clearly by the group of people in the venue.
  4. Speaker placement – You’ll need to place the speakers where they can work together to create a solid sound—not too far to produce an unwanted echo, and not too near that they may produce feedbacks. You may use the viewing distance as a guide in installing your speakers.
  5. Side speakers – For small venues, side speakers work as a replacement for subwoofers.
  6. Subwoofer speaker – The subwoofers are the ones that create nominal echoes and are best placed at the back part of the closed venue.
  7. Sound adjustment–The adjusting feature in a sound system allows the movie to be more appealing to the viewers.

8.    Soundbars – This is a part of the sound system that should be exactly compatible with your main home cinema / audio-visual system. It is best to acquire products of the same brand to ensure the compatibility of the bars.

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