If you are a fanatic of horror movies, then you should consider watching the movie Truth or Dare. According to pluc, unlike most scary movies that aired on TVs and cinemas, this movie is unique not only with its concept but with the events and plot twists that the movie depicts.

For those who have already watched the movie, chances are you haven’t had a good night’s sleep because of nightmares. Truth or Dare is based on a game mostly played with a circle of friends by telling the truth or performing a dare.

In this movie, the protagonist Olivia played by Lucy Hale gets caught up by bad luck when her friends insisted that she come along with them to Rosarito, Mexico to enjoy their spring break. Little did they know that their fates will come to a drastic end.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should watch Truth or Dare:

The movie is incredibly suspenseful

This supernatural horror movie is not just about horror. This movie has high levels of suspenseful scenes that turn viewers’ bowels upside down. This is truly a unique movie in which the players have to play truth or dare if you are caught lying or if you failed to perform the dare consequently you die.

When Olivia and her friends played this dangerous game, they had to keep on playing to stay alive whilst looking for the source and solution to stop all the killings.

The movie fanned the flames within Olivia

The game paved the way to turn the once sweet and gentle Olivia to someone she’s not as soon as the game forced her and her friends to do or say things they don’t want to. This greatly affects the viewers’ perspective as to what to expect from this movie.

Tyler Posey and Lucy Hale have great cinematic chemistry

Both of these artists had the best movie together. Not only do they look great together, but also, their acting in the movie was flawless. This movie shows how great both of these artists are. The pairing of Lucy and Tyler is perfect for this movie.

This movie has superb intense music

Responsible for bringing about the perfect suspense audios at the right time, Matthew Margeson is an expert when it comes to adding more thrill in the movie. The story enhanced with the suspenseful music by Margeson caused the viewers to still be feeling fidgety and petrified even after leaving the cinemas.

 Extreme plot twist

Just when you think that the game has ended, events took a drastic turn for Olivia and her friends. Olivia was so obsessed with staying alive to the point that she risked the lives of her friends.

These are just some of the nuts and bolts from the movie. With an excellent storyline and setting then there is no reason for you to miss this movie. This movie was written by none other than Jessica Cameron and was directed by Jeff Wadlow.

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