Do you know that film streaming will bring you into unimaginable places? It is also the best way to escape reality by being in a different setting, different time, and with different people. If you have seen good movies recently by streaming movies online, then good for you because not all movies can you give you such extraordinary feelings.

Movies, like arts, connect our hearts and minds in a great way through the eyes and ears, especially if it has an excellent story and an amazing soundtrack. In addition, they are the best avenue to awaken your imagination. That said, here are a few of the most creative movies you should definitely watch:

Metropolis (1927)

The masterpiece by Austrian director Franz Lang is a melodramatic film set in a dystopian metropolis area. It centers on a fortunate family who belongs to the upper class and their less fortunate workers who serve them.

The movie, Metropolis, is considered as one of the costliest movies made that time due to its German expressionism feature, enormous set, and incredible effects. The movie was made to be a bit lengthy during its debut in 1927.

Amelie (2001)

Art Director Aaron Graff created a virtually striking and creative movie. It is a vivid story of love and life in the beautiful city of Paris. He chose odd movie casts and paired them with a perfect soundtrack. The movie is about the story of Amelie, whose goal is to make others around her happier while also looking for her own personal happiness. In fact, Academy Awards nominated this film for art direction.

Citizen Kane (1941)

A 25-year old Orson Welles shared to the world his work of art which was dubbed as the best movie of all time. This film is about a well-off newspaperman who was searching for love in all the wrong places.

But what exactly makes this movie creative? The answer lies in its modern visual effects, splendid cinematography, unusual storytelling, and a surprising ending. It was said to be based on the real-life story of William Randolph Hearst, who got so furious upon knowing this fact.

Les Miserables (2012)

This movie is based on a novel written by Victor Hugo and was portrayed as a Broadway musical created by Molly Wentworth. The setting was extraordinary because it was filmed in France. Though the film has many adaptations, this particular one was the most creative. Due to its live recorded songs, the emotion of the film was portrayed very well. Actually, Les Miserables has won many awards including the Oscars and Golden Globes.

The Tree of Life (2011)

Written on the book, the story of The Tree of Life is pretty straightforward; however, Director Terrence Malick made sure that he created the most creative film upon its production. He used visual arts and transformed the movie into more of a visual poetry rather than just an easy story. The movie depicts the reality of life which is beautiful and stunning, and it has managed to make us contemplate about the deeper definition of life itself.

These are just some of the creative movies ever created. If you haven’t watched any of them, then you can start now by streaming movies online. Just make sure to grab a popcorn and enjoy them as you go.

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