Do you like watching films about writers? If so, you’re in the right place! Whether you’re an aspiring writer who is working with an essay writing service or just an avid fan of a famous writer that you want to know more about, viewing movies about writers may help you. Below are some of the must-watch movies about writers:


This movie is about a writer named Charlie Kaufman which is also the real name of the screenwriter and director of the film. He is a paranoid sweaty playwright who attempts adapting a book into a film. The story shows the agony of being a depreciated slave in Hollywood and who struggles to uphold a screenwriter’s credibility. It explores within the mind of the main character. Writers may empathize him for all of his crazy tricks and pessimism. This film is an excellent introduction of the work of a sensational screenwriter, Charlie Kaufman.

Ruby Sparks

This movie comes from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine which also has a wonderful script. The story revolves around a writer who makes an imaginary girlfriend for himself because of his loneliness. Its surprising twist is that she changes into an actual person. Enthralled by this, he exploits her reality by writing what he likes her to do and become. It’s every man’s fantasy, right? There are many reasons to watch this, especially with its improbability.


Released in 1997, Wilde is a British biographical movie starred by Stephen Fry in the title role and directed by Brian Gilbert. Julian Mitchell did the screenplay inspired by the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1987 biography of Oscar Wilde written by Richard Ellmann. Wilde is based on the true happenings of Oscar Wilde’s life. If you admire his works, you will relish seeing more about the man behind the great pen.


This movie comes from the Stephen King novel of the same title. It is a story of a well-known writer who was involved in a car accident and then saved by a lady who was actually one of his biggest die-hard fans. She is morbidly obsessed with his book series and because the writer is under her care, she doesn’t want him to get any better. This film shows the psychology of having an extreme devotion to someone. However, it also presents a rational warning to writers about the different kinds of people who follow their works.


Howl is about the young writer’s influential work played by James Franco that disintegrated societal hurdles in the face of a disreputable public trial. Howl interlinks three stories: the revelation of the landmark infamous trial in 1957, a creatively animated outing through the visionary masterwork and a matchless representation of a man who discovered new means to express himself which led developments in his life.

Final Thoughts

These movies about writers will give you an extra lift of motivation and inspiration. Moreover, watching movies can help your essay writing skills or creativity when making novels as you will learn how to build a story arc that is essential to keep the readers hooked on it.

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