Places to Visit from Letters to Juliet in Italy

November 12th, 2012 by admin

If you’re a romantic at heart, and you really loved the film Letters to Juliet, chances are good you’ll also enjoy taking a vacation in some of the places where they shot the movie. The story is set in Italy because this is a place where hardcore romantics have for years sent their love letters. The movie stars Amanda Seyfried, who has the difficult job of replying to these desperate letters.

Even though this story takes place in Verona, Italy, not every scene was actually shot in that great old city. Much of the scenery actually takes place in Tuscany’s Caparzo wines, a real life winery. In addition to the winery, Caparzo also includes estates and various other housing spanning huge sections of Tuscany. In fact, some have estimated that about 80 of the film was shot in Tuscany. This shooting was either in the Montalcino region or the Borgo Scopeto section.

One of the most used filming locations, for instance, was the Relais Borgo Scopeto, which is also in the city of Caparzo. It is an expansive hotel with verdant landscaping. It is also the place, if you remember the film, with that great pool.

If you’re a fan or all things romantic, places to visit from Letters to Juliet should immediately be placed on your vacation itinerary.
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